Guide to dress well: 5 Rules all men ought to learn

Want to dress admirably to stand adequately apart and get noticed? Not having any piece of information about it but then not adhering to the essential style rules that govern you to dress like a style king? So buck up! It’s the time when you should start following the dressing rules we are sharing, that will make you a stylish man for sure.

For anyone, Dressing admirably is a skill, an art with which they can hoist their general appearance as clothes convey a lot about your character. There are various approaches to add flavor to your overall style from wearing garments as per your body and fit, to even those little accessories that complement your outfit, extraordinary shoes, better grooming, and so on. You should know about yourself before wearing anything, should know what’s best for you and suits best at you. If you guys are worrying over upgrading your dress and don't know from where to start then you are at the opportune spot. You’ll locate the ultimate guide for dressing great here, as we are sharing the top 6 rules men ought to know to dress well.

Let’s start dressing smartly by following these top dressing rules every man should know.


Maintain your clothes well and try new 

As men, we are more careless towards maintaining our wardrobes, clothes, and many different things well, in comparison to women. We as a whole know that, but what is important here is to go for certain changes that will change others’ perspectives towards you and even yours. Let me tell you how?

Perhaps the most common style mistakes men often do are forgetting to take good care of their clothes and fearing to experiment new. Question yourself is it worth it? Are you satisfied with this? No right. So, why not making it a rule to take proper care of your clothes? Wear the best versions of them, keeping your best self forward is the most important rule you need to start following from today. Wash your jeans and shirts and avoid wearing worn-out or shabby clothes. Don’t stick to those more seasoned garments of yours; be gutsy enough to try new apparel that comes up in different designs, patterns, prints. Stop being conventional like others and choose something uncommon.

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Outfits that fits perfectly

Your clothes convey a lot about your personality to the world. If you want to get that dapper man look, then you need to realize that wearing loose, oversized, and ill-fitted clothes is a bad choice. You need to know yourself. Now you must be wondering what to know about ourselves? What I implied here is to know your body type, your measurements, texture, and colors that suit you, and more about your clothing interests before buying clothes for you. Wear comfortable clothes but abstain from wearing ill-fitted apparel; get them tailored if needed.

Observe your look, notice which type of clothes suits you the most, and then buy only those pieces that fit you perfectly. Make it your everyday rule to wear only those outfits that fit you perfectly. This is the most ideal approach to flaunt your personality before others and to be astounding. Look at our comfortable and trendy under-the-sun rhinestone shirt assortment, sweaters and sweatshirts, luxury polo shirts, loungewear, and more to set you apart from others. Barabas is the best fashionable clothing destination. You’ll find everything you need at Barabas.

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Pick adaptable outerwear

What I mean by adaptable outerwear here is its versatility. Don’t just stack up against your closet with quantity; instead, buy clothes that are versatile which means they can be worn almost on every occasion. Purchasing more and more clothes not only takes a lot of room of your wardrobe but also wastes a lot of money of yours. So sharing with you another rule of dressing i.e., pick more versatile outerwear be it a shirt, jeans, blazer, or other outerwear. At Barabas, you'll discover garments that are adaptable as well as are unique and too comfortable to even think about wearing. Look at our adaptable blazer assortment that can shake pretty much every occasion, be it a gathering, date night, prom, or other.


Only Quality footwear

Let’s get it clear! Once and for all that low-quality, worn-out and dirty shoes make a bad impact on our appearance. We as men somehow manage to look good with our choices but not all men. When it comes to shoe choices, care, and quality, men tend to neglect it. Wearing messy, destroyed shoes that don’t even look well with your perfect outfit isn’t worth it. Make it your habit to invest your time and cash buying only quality shoes and provide proper care to them. If in search of the ideal pair of formal shoes, have a look at Barabas Superior that is the most adored formal shoe piece of our collection.

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Inspect yourself before you go out

Feeling sure after smartly decking up with the most amazing outfits? That is something worth being thankful for as you should feel good in what you wear and that’s the thing we all want. But wait check yourself cautiously before stepping out and protect yourself from getting embarrassed in front of others. One of the most important style rules is to check for the mix-ups you’ve done while dressing, check if your pant’s zip isn’t open, check your hair, check if your shirt is perfectly tucked in, shoes are clean or not, and also check all necessary accessories that add more to your overall look.



Adhering to rules in dressing is essential to stand out from the crowd and to seem wonderful before others. Keep following Barabas top 5 dressing rules and be the style motivation for others.