Best Men’s Jeans – 7 Denim Pairs Every Man Must Own

Denim Jeans are the casual staple that you just can’t do without. If you can style them right; they can go in with almost any outfit from Polo Shirts and sneakers to the party blazers and loafers. They are a man’s favorite that most don’t even have to think about. Classic blue denim jeans, shirt or t-shirt, your usual sneakers and they are ready to go. 

You may also be wondering, “What is so much to think about creating a jeans collection?” A few shades of blue and a pair of slim-fit black jeans; and you are ready to roll. But, that’s exactly where most men get it wrong when it comes to their jeans collection. 

While classic blue denim and solid black are a must-have; they can’t be all that you have. With the easing lockdowns around the world, it is time to finally resume your life, in style. Our team of fashion experts have especially narrowed it down for you to a list of 7 jeans that every man in 2021 should own. 

Top 7 Jean Types Every Man Must Have

1. Black Denim Jeans

Black is the new class. It has been the colour of the last decade and is set to rule the 20s of the 21st century as well. Men’s denim jeans are no exception to this norm. Whether you want to go for an all-black look or a stark contrast; black would usually go with any colour if you style it right. Want to have a smart semi-formal look or impress the ladies with your stylish casual wear; black denim is a clothing item for every man must have. However, if you already have too many of those pitch-black jeans, shake things up with the Barabas’ designer Ice-Black and Drizzle jeans. 

Black Denim Jeans For Men

2. Dark Wash Blue Jeans

If you could just buy one pair of denim jeans, the deep blue it would be. Dark blue jeans for men tend to suit every body type and almost any occasion.  If there is anything that comes any closer to our love for black jeans; it is the versatility of dark blue denim. But, you got to know how to dress it up and when to dress them down.  

Style it with a t-shirt and sneakers for a relaxing vibe with your mates. Going for an important event, just replace sneakers with a more polished pair and go in for a buttoned shirt. The slim fit dark blue jeans have been in style for as long as we can remember and they aren’t disappearing anytime soon. 

3. Vintage Wash Denim Jeans 

Vintage wash denim offers you a semi-worn look, usually achieved through its signature stonewashed technique. Vintage wash jeans have begun to come in different shades but the signature light blue denim is still the popular choice and for good reason. They have become a fashion classic allowing you a more casual look than the dark denim. You can style these light blue, stonewashed jeans with anything from shirts, polo’s, t-shirts, jackets or hoodies. They also look great on both sneakers and boots. 

Vintage Wash Denim Jeans For Men

4. Rugged Jeans

Gone are the days, they were a rebellious exception. With the passing years, rugged jeans have almost become the new casual norm. If you are in for a super casual or raw street look; distressed or ripped jeans can be another great choice for the day. We understand, many men still have their reservations around rugged jeans; so you can start small with November Rain and Rugged jeans to try out your new look with rugged jeans. If you are already a fan of ripped denim, you are bound to love the …… 

5. Stylised Denim

If you are looking for the best stylish jeans in 2021, you ought to try the Barabas’ brand new Game Changer jeans collection. Barabas best men’s jeans raise your style quotient to stand out from the standard crowd. While the classic blue and black Denim remain the gold standard, it never hurts to have some variants that can offer you a real choice to suit the occasion. So, it is time to tweak your fashion rules and rock the next party with Barabas Show Stopper - men's rhinestone greek key pattern jeans. You can style it with some cool shirts and stylised loafers. It is sure to attract a second glance after that intriguing first impression.

Stylised Denim Jeans for Men

6. White Jeans

For those of you, who had been missing the white pants, white jeans are back in style. It is time to bring them out from your wardrobe and give yourself a break from the black and blue. But, you got to wear those white jeans sparingly. They can’t be your usual go-to but can be a great fashion change if you style them well for casual days.

7. Colored Jeans

One way to diversify your jeans collection is to have a few colored jeans. But, it is also going to be the trickiest piece to style. A basic rule of thumb is to style bright coloured jeans with neutral shirts to keep a balance. You should avoid heavy contrasts with coloured jeans at all costs or you’ll end up looking like a colourful bouquet or a circus clown. We would recommend you to check out our coloured jean variants in wine, khaki, beige and charcoal.


If there’s any staple of a wardrobe you just have to get right, it’s your jeans. Good denim is a casual must-have: the central staple of your bottoms. The best jeans for men can easily make you stand out in a crowd. As Yves Saint Laurent remarked, “Fashion fades; style is eternal.” From classic black and blue denim, street rugged and experimental khaki jeans and stylised show stoppers, jeans can go a long way in creating your signature style. So, try out the above recommendations and don’t starve your precious wardrobe of a brand new jeans collection. 

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