Ultimate Fashion Guide to Buying Men’s Denim Jeans

Best jeans for men remain a forever quest. A relief from the corporate suits or a casual go-to for the office; your jeans go a long way in upping your style game. A pair of perfect-fitting jeans is the best investment you can make into your wardrobe at any given time. It is likely to be worn at least thrice as much as even your favorite shirts. 

We agree that jeans don’t get as much attention as your classic Polo shirts and stylish Barabas shoes. However, if you go wrong with the jeans, they are all that is going to be noticed that day. It is the often neglected foundation of men’s casual wear. But, as anyone who has struggled with awkward fitting jeans can testify, buying the best jeans isn’t always as easy as it seems. So, we have put together an all-inclusive guide to men’s denim (for all body types). 

How to choose the best pair of jeans for men?

Gone are the days when standard 5-pocket pieces of Denim crowded the room. In 2021, jean variants will have you spoilt for choice. From multiple colors to wash; cuts, fits, and finishes, there’s no one normal but only confusion. If you get it right, you can immediately elevate your style quotient. Get it wrong and you will end up looking like an outdated rock star from the 80s.  In this ever-evolving fashion scene; here are a few basics to keep in mind before buying jeans: 

The Right Fit for Your Body Type

Experimenting is no harm to go with the current trends. But slim fit denim jeans are the usual standard for a sharp dapper look. Slim-fit jeans are slightly tight around thighs, knees and calves but will also allow them that little space for movement but loosen up around your ankles (as opposed to skinny jeans). 

The simplest way to select the right pair of jeans is to just give them a try and see how it looks on you. Sizing can vary with brands and ideally you should have a couple of different choices to best suit your outfit for the day. But, for general go-to buying advice, some jean types are definitely more suited for certain body types than others. 


Best jeans for Men

    Ideal Length for Your Jeans

    Before you go shopping, you should take the measurement of your inseam to buy the right length to suit your height. In case you are wandering, inseam is the distance between the crotch and the end of the leg opening of your jeans. Ideal length denim should be reaching the top of your shoes (but should not be so long to touch the ground. 

    Mid-Rise Jeans, Low-Rise or High Rise?

    Low-rise jeans usually sit a few inches below your belly button. These had become the new fashion trend many years back. It still remains a popular choice among many men but with a major downside - the embarrassing mid-section exposure moments. 

    On the other extreme lie the high rise jeans sitting well above the belly button. These are a popular pattern among women but a rare preference among men. But, high-waist jeans can be a great concealer for your extra stomach fat. 

    Unsurprisingly, trendy mid-rise jeans become the comfortable middle path in these two extremes; sitting just below your belly button. Keeping up with the latest trends of mid-rise jeans; our Everyday Denim series and November Rain collection gives you a perfect look and comfortable fit. 


    Best Jeans for Men

    Jeans Wash

    The faded look of denim jeans has become an international favourite. But, what most people don’t know is that this look is achieved through a special washing process. Denim wash points to this washing process type only to get the particular shade. While dark wash looks great for office wear, light blue wash like this Barabas Presume jeans adds the perfect vibe to summer outdoors. 

    One can also understand it through the varied shades of blue denim jeans from dark blue tone being the dark/raw wash to then the medium wash for medium blue and lastly, the light and bleached wash are for the light blue shades with faded white in the middle. If you notice, even your dark and raw denim also turn medium shades after multiple washes. 

    Best Jeans for Men

    Go a little unorthodox

    Black Jean and the classic faded denim jeans are the ultimate go-to casual wear for any man. But, you don’t necessarily have to be so boring with your wardrobe. It already feels like decades since the men have been wearing the same standard shades of black and blue jeans. 

    Keeping in mind all the above fashion rules; we can definitely tweak some colour norms for informal events. For instance, you can try out the latest Game Changer and Show Stopper collection from Barabas to add some colour twists to your classic jeans. You can also elevate your signature style with the popular Gem Black and Solitaire Black patterns to your collection of black jeans. 

    Definite No’s in the Men’s Jeans Arena

  • Too tight skinny jeans 
  • Too big/loose a size
  • Skipping alterations
  • Overt branding on the back pockets

  • Conclusion

    Like the classic wine, denim jeans are only getting better and versatile with every passing year. It is a constant favorite in the world of men’s fashion. Different styles may rule fashion trends for different years. One thing they all have in common is the classic yet premium looking denim jeans. But, you don’t want to take this spade only to turn yourself into a joker. So, you have to be careful and buy only amongst the best denim jeans for men. 

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