Casual, Classy and Comfy Fashion Polo Shirts For your Everyday Need

Gone are the days when the only people who cared so much about their looks are the feminine gender. The world has evolved so much that male and female need to be particular about how they look. The saying “the way you dress is the way you are addressed” has never been truer than it is now. This is such that you are allowed into events and gathering based on what you are wearing right or wrong.

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 Some decades back, a plane shirt under a suit is the criteria for being let into a dinner hall or club. However, the narrative has changed as the criteria for attending a dinner or been let into a club house includes a fancy fashionable polo shirt.

Now don’t get all worried about how you might be turned away from a dinner or being bounced off from a club house because we have got you covered at Barabas male collection with an array of beautiful polo shirts to select from.


Barabas Polo Shirts For your everyday Need

What we have been used to before now are the casual polo shirts that are either itchy or irritable to the skin; it does not have to be that way anymore. You can rock a polo shirt, look good and feel comfortable in your skin with any of our polo shirts. As always there are different options to select a lovely polo shirt that will suit your taste from. Checkout some of the amazing choices available at your disposal:

  • Orientalist style: this is a floral and dragonfly design short sleeve polo shirt that gives you an island retreat feeling and leaves you in an elevated spirit all through the day. Made from a blend of cotton, spandex and polyester, orientalist style polo shirt gives a soothing feeling against the skin and keeps you comfortable in the hot summer. So you can really have a colourful and comfortable summer.

Orientalist style polo shirt is available in all nine sizes, short sleeved, light and breathable material, contrasted collar, prints orientalism pattern, and imported.  However, it is available in a single colour and dry cleaning is recommended for its laundry.

  • Water Color: this polo shirt passes for a vibrant spring or summer wear. Full of life and bold colours, water colour polo shirt is a floral designed shirt telling different stories in different light. Water colour floral polo shirt is available in two different colours; white and navy blue.

It is equally available in all nine different sizes but limited in stock, made up of a blend of cotton, spandex and polyester, slip collared and short sleeve, comes in classic fit sizes, made from light and breathable fabric. Recommended care information: dry cleaning.

  • Into the wild: the name sounds adventurous and much as the outlook of the polo shirt takes you into a world of adventure. Designed with beautiful wild roses and fiery looking tigers with a touch of blueberries and white flowers, this shirt is the definition of beauty in the jungle. This beauty is topped off with banded cuffs in black material and black slip collar.

Equally available in all the different nine sizes but in limited stock, short sleeved polo shirt, light and breathable, and sizes with “C” are classic fit.

  • Back to school: this is a tiny dotted skin-friendly polo shirt that can fit into any occasion with the right combination. Beautified with a dysfunctional pocket at the left side of the chest and a small functional one plus a three button from the collar to the mid-chest region, two overlapping collars make this polo not just classy, but statement making.

Back to school is available in two lovely colours that can beautiful complement or contrast different skin colours; white and navy blue. It is available in five different sizes which affords everyone an opportunity to pick a perfect size or closet alternative.  Made of a blend of cotton, spandex and polyester that is light and breathable; short sleeved polo shirt, flat knitted double collar, and front button fastenings.Fabric care information; dry clean.

  • Always fresh: this amazing mix of sheer and velvet feel print polo shirt that sums up to a casual but classy outlook. This is a round neck polo shirt with banded cuffs. It is produced in two different but important colors (white and black) that give you the needed options to choose from and five different sizes to decide from.


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Always fresh is light and breathable, made in velvet feel print, flat knitted collar, front button fastenings, short sleeved polo shirt, and made from a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex materials. For your fabric care (laundry) it is advised you dry clean.



  • Tropical feels: how to you feel about a hiking day out to a tropical rain forest in polo shirt designed to mirror the environment you are about to explore? This is the same excited feeling that you get in tropical feels polo shirt. Splattered with different kind of tropical forest leaves in colours like blue, green, white and black, tropical forest polo shirt is short sleeve, with three button fastenings, slip knit collar and a knitted cuff band. You can be sure of a feeling of solace and comfort in this beautiful polo shirt.  It’s also important to know that it is made from a blend of cotton and spandex material which is light and breathable. 
  • Rough path: look beyond the name this time, the loveliness of this polo shirt is a beauty to behold. You can be certain to enjoy a cool evening walk in this cool and comfortable polo. The chest and sleeve region are designed with a disarray of square patterns that brings its name to life; rough path.

This polo shirt is available in three lovely solid colours: white, black and red and in different sizes, flat knit collar front button fastenings, short sleeved, made from light and breathable material.


Currently in most states, the dress code for a nightclub or a nice fancy dinner is a collar shirt and if you go in with a V-neck or round neck T-shirt, you might be denied access into an event you had actively planned for.

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At Barabas men fashion collection of polo shirts is the perfect item that is needed to look cool, dressy, classy and comfy at the same time. Why settle for less when you can have it all? At barabas, we have all that is needed to complete your look or give you a totally gorgeous outlook.