Buckle up! The best belts you’ll ever own

Nothing really ties up your look (pardon the pun) like a great belt.

  It’s the finishing touch that can really make the difference between a good first impression, and a bad one. Plus, a great belt means more than just looking good. It also means feeling great. There’s nothing more uncomfortable or confidence-draining than a belt that’s too tight (hard to breath!) or too loose, forcing you to keep yanking your pants up.

 At Barabas, we have a wide selection of 100% leather belts for you to choose from, all of which can finish off your look with stylish flair.

Barabas men leather navy crocodile leather belts

Plus, if you thought your old belt couldn’t be improved upon, think again! Our belts have track technology instead of punch holes — giving you a completely customizable fit, and significantly more comfort. Rather than having a limited number of spaced-out holes in your belt to buckle, track belts can be looped and fastened at any circumference, within a fraction of  a centimeter. This means you can tighten your belt the exact right amount, instead of having to rely on arbitrarily placed punch holes. It also means there are no pesky visible holes in your nice leather belt. A perfect fit, and a better look!

Barabas men leather belts

 Keep an eye on your belt when getting dressed, because it can really mean all the difference — both comfort-wise, and style-wise.

 Nothing is more classic and masculine than a strong leather belt. At Barabas, all of our belts are made with genuine 100% leather — so you can’t go wrong.

When building out your wardrobe, it’s best to have several belts, so that you can pick the right one for your specific look on any given day. Make sure you have at least one belt with a black strap, and one with a brown strap. These two classic colors will go a long way and will never fail you. They can dress you up or down, and will work with any outfit.

 Also pick out a snappy belt, with a statement buckle or a vibrant color. These are for times when you want your look to stand out — whether it’s a special occasion, a date night, or just a normal day when you’re feeling in the mood!

If you wear a lot of the same pieces day to day, your belt is a good way to switch things up. Alternate belts daily to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.

Fasten your selections

When selecting a belt to wear, start with the buckle.

The buckle is going to be front and center. This will be one of the first things people notice on you, and it can be an opportunity to really catch their attention. You can choose something big and chunky, or small but flashy. If you want to make a statement, go for a bold buckle and don’t hold back!

 All of our buckle styles are available in black/dark, silver, and gold — so if there’s a specific shape you like, you can pick the color that best suits your personality. Gold really shines and sparkles, for your inner pop star. Silver is classic and elegant. While black is more muted, it’s also very versatile and can work with any outfit. Dark metallic buckles are great for days when you want to dress down a little and play it casual.

men's designer belts 

The second step is to select the right colored strap. This is the essence of the belt — the line that separates your top from your bottom. You can choose to let it blend in with your pant by matching the color of the fabric, or have it stand out by clashing colors.

Black and brown belts are standard, but feel free to go for a striking color or interesting texture (like this red snake skin belt). A colorful belt that catches the eye is a great way to make your look stand out if you’re wearing more muted, neutral clothing.

Another useful tip when selecting the right belt is to match the color of the strap with your shoes. If you’re wearing black shoes, go for a black belt. If you’re wearing brown shoes, grab the brown one. White shoes? Well, you get the idea.

 Finally, pick a style that you like and that suits your personality. At Barabas, we have a wide variety of strap styles, from plain smooth leather, to crocodile, to snake skin. All of these classic styles can be paired with any look, and dressed up or down. That means you can’t go wrong — just pick what speaks to you!

 Barabas men white snake silver buckle belts


Consider having at least a couple options in your wardrobe. We recommend a smooth belt for everyday, and an animal skin belt for special occasions.

Tie up your look

 Like a piece of men’s jewelry, your belt can be the detail that really makes your outfit come together.

 When putting on a belt, consider the occasion. If you’re dressing for a regular day, wear what makes you feel good and confident — whether that means a statement belt with a flashy buckle, or a simple and classic piece.

 If you’re dressing up for a formal event, a belt with a black strap is usually the safest choice, but don’t be afraid to take a risk. You can make a style statement with the buckle. A gold centerpiece, like these signature B buckles, is an excellent way to straddle the line between flashy and classy. Polished silver, like these Momento belts, bring a little western flair to a classic staple.

Barabas men Black crocodile belt BK45 

Going out with your girl? Your belt is a great way to match with her look. If she’s wearing jewelry, compliment it with your buckle: gold if she’s wearing gold, silver if she’s wearing silver. If she’s wearing another color or jewel tone, you can match her with your belt strap. Our styles comes in a variety of colors including red, blue, white and more. The encrusted buckle of our Gold line truly sparkles — allowing you to incorporate a hint of bling into your look. Ideal for a special night out with the lady!

 In the end, what’s most important is that you pick a belt that you love and feel confident in. With our special adjustable track belts, comfort and fit isn’t a concern, since you know you will be able to tighten it precisely the right amount. Our belts are “one size fits most,” and 100% genuine leather. You can’t go wrong!