Do Not Make These Mistakes that Most Men Made

Sometimes men commit style blunders that need to change and it can happen only if they understand what to alter in their perspectives while styling their selves. Mistakes in style are something a man for the most part needs to avoid. Many of you might be thinking for what reason to change anything in your styling if you are fine with your regular wear? Here is the answer to your question-

Whether we should judge a book by its cover or not remains debatable; the fact of the matter is that "a book is often judged by its cover". Moreover, our dressing style and fashion sense reflects our personality and can help us in leaving better first impressions.

Decent dressing helps to boost your confidence and also gives you that extra edge to leave a better impression during the interview impression. Another reason is that for some men out there, looking good is important to make an impression on the girl they want to impress.

Particularly when endeavoring to rise above in terms of style and fashion, most men are committing style mistakes such as wearing an excess of shading blends that make you look like a rainbow, oversized shirts that don’t suit you, a lot of extras, wearing old trend or exhausting shoes constantly and many more. To look elegantly attractive men need to consider a bit about doing some clothing experiments.


Here is a list of men's style blunders


Wearing cheap and outdated shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes prevents you from committing style errors. Shoes can influence our impression of others just as ourselves; an adequate pair of footwear is a must as they are the foundation of our personality. The most common style mistake a man does is wearing shoes without thinking about the event. 

Men regularly neglect to purchase quality footwear and go for less expensive ones. Yet, the truth of the matter is bad quality footwear broke down quickly; and men need to move to footwear that is suitable for the long run.

At Barabas, we have a wide range of quality footwear suitable for many occasions. If you don’t wear a good pair of shoes with your outfit, then your entire outfit will be a wreck, so we are here to help you out.

Be it slippers for regular use, luxury shoes for those exceptional occasions, lace-up sneakers, loafers, or prevalent dress shoes we have all at Barabas that will give comfort in numerous designs. Pick the best shoe for yourself and keep up the quality of your life. Points to consider before buying any footwear: Comfort as well as the right fit, Quality footwear, and Maintaining a balance between outfit and shoes. 

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Shabby and old belts

Apparently, a little accessory, belts to a great extent affect the impression you make. In any man’s life belts are essential. As we probably are aware little things in style can be seen by others easily, regardless of whether it’s simply a belt. Men will in general do this fashion error more frequently; they wear destroyed belts for a more extended period and establish an awful impression. Along these lines, to look great men need to change this and need to get some great and quality belts.

Barabas has a quite impressive collection of fancy and great pieces of belts to choose from. Whether it is formal pants, ripped or plain denim, designer denim, or others you can wear Barabas’s belts on any type of pants. Some things men need to consider before buying belts. Which type of belt they are in need; Formal or casual belts? Buckle, width, material, perfect size, design, pattern, belt matches their outfit. Choose from Barabas’s exclusive collection of belts:

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Loose shirts

Another style blunder men make is wearing those ill-fitted and larger than average shirts. Before purchasing a shirt, men need to think about the ideal size for them.

Wearing loose garments causes you to appear messy and amateurish. Men need to consider a few things before buying a shirt for them; such as- body type and estimation, quality fabric that turns out best for them, collar, print, and colors.

To look fantabulous in any event men have to invest their time and money; be it a formal party, prom night with the date or any other occasion, our latest collection of rhinestone shirts, the floral print shirt will be a great choice and fulfill the need of anybody type. Before buying a shirt, go through the size chart and then proceed to buy. 

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Wearing too long trousers

Again, quite possibly the most well-known style botches men do is wearing jeans or pants that are excessively long for them and make them look unattractive and older than their age. To look amazing men need to wear an ideal outfit, and a wonderful outfit implies a mix of extraordinary pants, a shirt, a shoe, a belt, and more.

Reconsider while purchasing a trouser, pick the perfect size for yourself and choose the ideal fit, get some alteration done if necessary. You can shop for Barabas quality trousers that will fit you perfectly. From men's ripped jeans available in blue, black, and grey colors, great denim jeans we have got you covered.

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Socks with sandals 

Another contributor to the list of worst styling is men wearing socks with sandals. Sandals are worn to reveal your feet and are meant to be worn with uncovered feet be it men's or ladies' sandals fundamental focal point is to permit them to breathe in, prevalently in a sweltering climate. Thus, there is no reason for wearing sandals with socks, on the off chance that you are feeling cold, wear shoes instead. Sandals are considered as occasional footwear, so don’t make them your everyday wear. 



Avoid these style blunders, choose to rock with style wearing Barabas quality products. Make a head-turning statement and stay ahead in the fashion game. Check size charts and your body type before purchasing anything for yourself and leave behind those outdated trends and opt to look great with new trends. Wear good, feel good.