Top 5 Tips : How to Dress Appropriately

We can see people around or in social media pictures, that they look absolutely perfect. We always wonder how to dress appropriately. Maybe you know your choices or you know how to dress well but sometimes you have no clues where to start.

You can find a lot of information on the internet but that may make you more confuse. Because each and every one has a personal choice. If you want to look good in your clothes, then you need to find out your line of choices. Your outfit should reflect your personality. None of us has grown with dressing sense. We need to find it by ourselves.

What is the major problem while choosing the right outfit for men?

Well, a lot of people we can see that they just go everywhere with same kind of casuals or any other outfits. Most of the men does this mistake. Say no to “Same Style”.

If you want to take your style one step up, then choose the right outfit for the appropriate purpose.

Every occasion has a different style statement, you need to understand that.


Do not forget about your comfort!

Making your style more attractive is not compromising your comfort. You can only look confident when your style match your personality and feel comfortable.

Following everyone is a blunder mistake

Today we are very much connected with social media, and we follow everyone. Yes, there can be some celebs who inspire you but don’t follow their style, because may not suit your personality. Create your own style, dress like you.

Where to start?

Start from the scratch. Just image there is nothing in your wardrobe and you have fill it out with new clothes. Think your self what you like, colors, material, type everything. Then classified into different category. If your wardrobe is filled with too much casual t-shirts and jeans, then you must need to add some shirts, chinos, and other semi-formal and formal clothes.

What types of clothing?

List out all the types off occasions one by one. Then see what you have in your closet. I am sure that you are missing a lot of clothing in your wardrobe for each occasion. Now you may think that you may need to spend a lot of shopping. No! You don’t. You only need some essentials to make an appropriate outfit.

Completeness of the outfit important to look perfect

Ok, you are now having t-shirts, shirts, suits, jackets, jeans, chinos, etc. But you are still missing something that really very important. You can guess, yes I am talking about the shoes and accessories.

Imagine you are paring a solid color t-shirt with a chino and choose a formal shoe. It will kill your style. Choosing the right pair of classy shoes is the crucial part to complete the perfect outfit. Let’s talk about accessories, The two major accessories are Belt and watch. These two are need to match with your outfit.

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