Essential and Stylish Winter Collection for Men

If you want to be warm and also stylish then you should create your own wardrobe for the winter collection. The winter fashion for men is far cooler than the summers ones, just an extra ticker choice will always better for winters. If you are confused in deciding what should be your winter wardrobe collection should be, then we at Barabasmen will help in providing the best options for your winter collections.

Here are our best selections for your winter attire:


Men's winter jackets

Guy in a Jacket

  • Peacoat

In earlier times this jacket was made for military use but now it has been transformed into a fashion staple. A good winter jacket with 60%-80% wool to provide warmness in winter and does not put any effect on its durability, which is common in 100% woolen coats. This jacket gives you a clean look to your style and comes with two outer pockets and few inner pockets to store your wallet, watch, keys, etc.

  • Parka/Anorak

These coasts are similar to hoodies and are formed with the idea of traditional Inuit tribe outerwear and it comes in different weight sizes from lightweight to heavyweight. You can get this coat in any men's wear shop.

  • Bomber jacket

The design of these jackets is 100 years old and it was mainly manufactured for pilots during the world-war I. In the modern era, this jacket has become the best choice for many men. A perfect style for your winter collection, these jackets are made up of nylon or polyester. It does not matter if you choose a t-shirt or hoodie, the bomber jacket will always get the best of you with a classy look. Also, they are the best winter option that gives both style and warmness.



Man Wearing White Shirt

  • Button-down shirts

There are a vast variety of button-down shirts in the market. The biggest difference comes in these types of shirts from their fabric composition and weight. If you have linens and chambrays then try to replace them with fabrics like oxford or broadcloth because they are a much better choice for your winter collection. These shirts come in different color combinations and can give you a dashing look to your style.

  • Henley

Henley is one of the most stylish shirts in the market and with its design, it can become an excellent piece to provide warmness to your body. The Henley is produced with the use of cotton, wool, or it can be a mixture of both and the most common color variants in this shirt are white, gray, tan, or navy.

  • Flannel

Flannels are one of the most common choices for every man's winter collection. These shirts are made up of cotton or wool, they are easy to fit, very comfortable, and extremely soft to wear. To make your body warm and to give a classy look, these shirts are the best option. Flannels come in different color options and give you an attractive look in front of others. These shirts do not need high maintenance and you do not have to dry wash, iron, or replace it regularly.



If we talk about the winter season, the most common and most bought wear is the sweater. The large contribution of the sweater is to provide warmth to your body in winters, also they are very comfortable to wear if you can get a size that fits you. The multicolor sweater mens provides you clean and effortless attire that is both warm and cozy. Most of the sweaters are made of cotton, wool, or cashmere materials. There are different types of sweaters in the market and you can select your choice from V-neck, crewneck, quarter zip, turtle/roll neck, or shawl collar.



There are many guys that love hoodies as a casual outfit for winter.

Hoodies also come in different colors and shapes, you just need to add a sweatshirt underneath and you are ready to enjoy the winter. To make complete winter attire, choose a lightweight hoodie with a jacket that can give you an easy layered look.



Black Denim

  • Denim

Denim jeans are the most common and the first choice for every man's wardrobe. It is suggested to have at least one or two pairs of denim jeans in your collection, made of high-quality fabrics and you can match them with any attire you like. These jeans are made for rough use and can go for years if cared for properly. If you are in search of all-around pants then denim jeans will always be the winner. Slim-fit denim jeans can be the best option for your fashion experiment. It is said that the more you use denim the better it looks and also it does not need regular wash even if you wear it regularly.

  • Wool Pants

A very small group of men likes wool pants but when it comes to winter clothing, wool pants are known to everyone, whether they like it or not.

These pants are successful in providing great comfort and warmth. You can match woolen pants with any kind of shoes like boots, chukkas, dress shoes, or sneakers and still it will look great. When you are in search of winter clothing then Brabasmen will like to suggest you choose wool pants and you will never regret them. 



  • White Sneakers

Some men take white sneakers as their second choice because they believe that white sneakers are better for the summer months. But those men should understand that white sneakers are very effective in providing the perfect balance for your overly dark outfit. If are wearing black or any dark jeans then these shoes can make you look stylish and clean.

  • Boots

If we talk about winters, then the most common shoes that every man should have are boots. They are durable in use and can provide a great look to your style. These boots are very comfortable to use, they give to great warmth from winter and also provide you a stylish look if worn with jeans. Well, one thing to remember is any kind of moisture can disfigure your boots. So, stay away from wet places if you are wearing these boots.