Sustainable Closet: How to Build a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe?

Not a big fan of suit and tie? Most of the time the suit outfit is not comfortable but looking sharp is everyone’s top priority. There was a time when wearing formals to work meant your co-workers wouldn’t take you so seriously. However, that perception appears to be shifting quickly. Zuckerberg rarely thinks about formals and is always seen in his trademark hoodie. Casual is something that doesn’t compromise both comfort and style. When you choose comfort over fancy clothing it makes you look more confident and you can be more productive.  


So, if you’re the one who ignores being dressed up, these outfits are for you. You’ll look smart and your personality is enhanced and that’s for sure. When a casual cool shirt and pants can do the magic why wasting time in all that formal stuff.  Maybe you’ve to dress up according to your profession or sure, you’ve some office dress code but if you don’t then these outfit ideas are not less than a hack!

Scroll Below and Start Your Journey to Check 5 Comfortable Everyday Outfit Ideas. 

Ripped Jeans

Not only are they comfortable and stylish but they give you a cool look. The trend of ripped came in the seventies emerging in the cultural punk genre. It symbolizes rebellion. Ripped jeans can be best paired with a plain tee or a linen shirt. Or for a smart look you can wear sneakers or loafers, it depends upon how you are styling your attire. Accessories can be ignored but if you want to carry one, you can go with a classic belt and a wrist watch. In winters you can pair it up with a hoodie, a bomber jacket or a leather jacket. In our store we have FIRST IMPRESSION for you, go have a look and grab it ASAP! This slim fit will give you a streetwear vibe.

Best jeans for Men

Being inspired from the 19th century to what is trendy today, we choose your outfit that fits good both for comfort and fashion. Every man's wardrobe should have at least two or three varieties of jackets. There are different types of jackets according to the purpose, which in turn is a big advantage of these beauties. Some jackets are designed to withstand the cold, other jackets have very thin linings and are designed for fashion. So, if you need a jacket while skiing you can choose a winter jacket, we have FUR YOU jacket waiting for you. Have a look! it’s a black colored jacket, you can pair it with denim jeans and a tee inside. Hope you’ll enjoy the look!

Best Jackets for Men


When you decide to go out, you barely get ready in minutes. But wait, do you focus on your shoes? They play an essential role in every outfit you wear. Men’s footwear has gone through a great journey from being exclusively utilitarian in reason to adding a level aesthetics to one style. Nowadays, the style behavior has gotten more loose to incorporate slip-ons like lace free loafers and slippers that can take your easy going outfit to a higher level. Here TWIST LOAFERS will do the soothsaying! Wear them with your casual attire and complete your go-to look. 

Best Loafers for Men
Polo Shirts

A polo t-shirt is what we call a timeless piece of clothing. Why not wear one with pride, as it transformed menswear as we know it today?  Considered as the best alternative to the traditional shirts, polos will never let you down. With its distinctive collar and breathable fabrics, it’s an item you can wear on any occasion. Choose a cotton polo shirt that suits your style and perfectly fits in. Speaking of the color, choose a bold one. In our store we have canary, navy, nude, royal, and burgundy color VIOLETTA Polo shirts. Pick one which suits you more. When it comes to pairing it, you can wear it in many ways, all you need is a bit of confidence, and you’re all set. 

Best Polo Shirts for Men


Heading out on a cool morning? Or wanna grab a drink at a café. The rule is to keep it simple. Wear a plain white t-shirt and layer a denim or a check shirt over it. Complete the look with sunglasses, chinos and suede loafers. Altogether they have a relaxed feel, so they will go better together. THE ESSENTIAL SHORT SLEEVE CREW NECK at our store is needed for every closet. You will feel true comfort and style in one t-shirt. To get some attention, pair this closet staple with anything from shorts to denim. When the temperature drops, wear your favorite t-shirt under a topcoat or jacket. There are numerous ways you can style it. 

  • T-shirt with Toco toucan shorts
  • T-shirt layered under a hoodie
  • Tucked in t-shirt
  • T-shirt with Privilege chinos

Best T-Shirts for Men



Men’s casual dress code is possibly the ideal opportunity for them to show off their true sense of style. Dressing casual is about achieving the ideal blend of comfort, uniqueness, and style. Maybe you’re thinking it’s simple and boring, but spicing it up with perfect matches can make it a smart casual. There are many timeless pieces that every man should own. Visit our site and know more about the outfits that are comfortable and stylish at the same time.