Essential Shirt Types For Men: How To Style Them

There are a lot of selections of shirts for men to browse, from basic t-shirts, button-down shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, flannel to Henley, and that's just the beginning. You can call yourself fortunate if you have all these essential sorts of shirts in your wardrobe, and in the event that you don’t have them all yet, you ought to get them today. Still asking, why? Since then, you can easily get the style you need for practically, all occasions! Today, in this article, you will get answers concerning the essential types of shirts and present-day approaches to wear them to get a stylish look. 

5 Essential shirt types for men

Hello people! Well done. You've run over the right place today. You'll become acquainted with the essential kinds of shirts and various approaches to wear them in a way that can add to your appearance. Without further ado, Let’s start!

Shirt type #1 T-shirt

Our number one closet fundamental and essential piece of clothing, right folks? Ok, beyond question! You ought to have at any rate two of them hanging in your closet; white is an unquestionable requirement! Most popular tees? White, Black, Gray, and Navy. With time, we now have plenty of t-shirt choices to browse, floral printed, striped patterned, animal prints, pastel-toned tees, rhinestone tees, and more.

How to style a t-shirt

This flexible shirt type can be worn on any occasion, except for a formal affair. Wear it under a button-down shirt, some extravagant blazer, bomber jacket, or essentially wear it just. Get a complete style look wearing tees with some dark-hued slim fit denim jeans, chino pants, rugged jeans, or even with Bermuda style shorts if it's late spring. Rock the casual t-shirt and denim look with our assortment of stylish shoes. 

T-shirts you would love:

Short sleeve T-Shirt

Shirt type #2 Button-down shirts

This shirt type is quintessential and can be worn for office or casually, it's up to you guys how you want to wear it; it’s just the matter of the shirt you buy. This classic button-down shirt, if adequately worn, can give you the perfect look that you need. For official affairs; opt for lighter colors, and casual events; you have an opportunity to choose from a variety of button-down floral print shirts, animal print shirts, rhinestone shirts, stripe pattern shirts, and much more that you would adore.

How to style button-down shirts

Light-colored button-down shirts can be worn with a suit for a clean look, and if you want to wear these shirts or other available choices of button-down shirts casually; you have a choice to style them by rolling up sleeves, unbuttoned for a more casual look, wear a vest or luxury blazer on it to get a unique style! remember to finish the look by wearing these shirts with dark denim jeans and a pair of smart sneakers or loafers from our shoe collection.

Our button-down must-have shirts:

men's printed floral design short-sleeve polo shirt


Shirt type #3 The polo shirt

Polos! Ah, What a stunning piece. Polo shirt is an exemplary style staple for men that they can't ignore, because of its interesting 2-3 button closure, short-sleeves, collar, and delicate texture. Well, you are fortunate as you get a wide array of polo shirt types to choose from and can get your perfect style without many efforts; be it rhinestone polos, unique print polos, floral or animal design polos, and many more. 

How to style polo shirts like a pro

Polo shirts are a summer essential that guys love. Let’s come back to polos and styles we can create with them. If you love basic polos i.e., white, black, navy, or more, you can style them by wearing a pair of dark-colored jeans, shorts, or even with some unique designed chino pants. If thinking about printed or differently planned polos, style them with light-shaded chino pants, jeans, or shorts and complete the look with your favorite loafers, sneakers, or boat shoes.

Oh-so-cool Barabas polo shirts:

Barabas polo shirts

Shirt type #4 Sweatshirt

A spring or fall closet essential, the sweatshirt is an adaptable and athleisure most loved style staple that can be worn at the gym, for a party, casual occasions, as loungewear, or for a casual office look. A lot of sweatshirts are available in different designs, textures, and qualities. Pick as indicated by your style taste and rock any occasion with this agreeable sort of shirt.

How to style a sweatshirt

Wear these sweatshirts with comfy sweatpants as loungewear or for the gym. For parties, casual events, or even for a casual office look, wear them with a pair of slim-fit or relaxed-fit jeans, slim-fit chinos; be it plain, checked, or striped chinos. To get an ideal and on-point style, don’t forget to wear a pair of rhinestone sneakers or white sneakers, or you can even try a pair of loafers too!

Our a-la-mode sweatshirts:

best sweatshirt for men

Style type#5 Dress shirt

A dress shirt is an exemplary apparel thing that each man possesses. Can be worn for all events; from cocktail parties to interviews, date night with your beloved, for loved one's wedding, or whatever other occasion that requires dressing up. Usually, people think white is the only dress shirt, but that’s not true, you have a lot of choices of dress shirts that can spruce up your look easily. 

How to get perfect style with a dress shirt

Dress shirts are essential shirt types that every man should claim. You can style a dress shirt with a solid slim-fit suit and a tie or with various sorts of blazers. Have a go at blending your favorite dress shirt with our classy yet comfortable assortment of dress shoes, or simply go for our superior and dapper loafer that could be the best decision one can make.

Unique and amazing designed dress shirts from Barabas: 

amazing designed dress shirts for men


Congrats guys! You now know the essential shirt types and how to wear them with style. Each shirt gives you a diverse style so add them to your closets, today.

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