Everyday Basics

Basically, You Need Basics

Are you the kind of guy who shops for new clothes only when there is a specific occasion? For example, on your birthday you make the effort to shop, or a wedding invitation prompts you to spend a little extra so that you can look your best. 

OK, now think about your closet, what do you have the most of? 

Upscale attire? or everyday basics? The thing is this, you don't need a reason to buy yourself new clothes, the fact that you work hard is reason enough. What we are saying is this, we challenge you to treat yourself...just because! There is no better feeling that compares to wearing a new pair of jeans or a crisp brand new shirt. Barabas Men believes men need more of these feel-good vibes on a daily! 

Although we may be widely known for having superb special occasion clothing such as blazers and suits, we also want to dress you up when you don't feel like being too dressy. With that said, we want to encourage you to fill your closet with more basic items this season.



Take our newest double- mercerized cotton polos, crew necks, and V-necks for example.

Everyday must-haves, easy to style; our new collection of basic shirts provides a variety of solid vibrant colors to match your favorite denims and/or shorts.

We had a feeling that you might have neglected the importance of quality basic's shopping. 

Yes, now that we have finally recovered from holiday events and Valentines day, it's time to focus on you. 

You're welcome.