Prom 2020


It's no question that you will be accompanied by the most beautiful date that evening, but how will you go about complimenting them with your superb fashion sense? Are you thinking sequence, shimmer, and bling? Vintage-style? A modern fashion suit? How about straight leg vs slim- fit? Bow tie, necktie, or no tie? 

It's not as simple as picking a suit and tailoring it to fit right, there are so many parts to choosing a formal outfit and we are here to help you!

Barabas Men vows to offer the best fashion tips to ease the stress on picking a show-stopping outfit for your 2020 prom. 

luxury designer suit for men


  • What is my budget?
  • Will the event be inside or outside?
  • Do I want a 3-piece or 2-piece suit?
  • What kind of fabric will be the most comfortable for me?
  • How about no suit and do a blazer, shirt, and pants?
  • Will I match colors with my date?
  • Tie or no? If so, which kind?
  • What other accessories can I wear? (belt, watches, chain, etc) 
  • What kind of fit best suits me? Slim- fit, modern-fit, or classic- fit?
  • What kind of lapel do I want on my jacket? Notched? Peaked? Shawl?
  • What kind of venting do I want on my jacket? Center? Double? None?
  • For my jacket, would I prefer single or double-breasted?
  • Do I know of a great tailor?
  • For my pants, do I want pleated or plain-front? 
  • Slanted or chino pockets for my pants?
  • Should I cuff the pants or not?
  • What shoe style matches my overall outfit? Slip-on? Laced- up?


Overwhelmed yet? Hey no stress, firstly if you're reading this now, you are ahead of the game because we assure you this list will cut out much of the thinking for you. Sure there is more detail that goes into completing the whole package such as, what kind of cologne should you wear and how will it look with no show socks, but those are easy. 

Give this checklist a test and see if you managed to narrow down some decision making. You have time, no need to rush in knowing it all right now; do some browsing and researching until you find something that speaks to you. 

Lucky for you, we have a 14-day return policy meaning you can order from our online store and if you happen to change your mind and would like to keep shopping you can return it for a full refund between 14 days! 

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We can't wait to see you out-dress them all in Barabas Men fashion!

Barabas Men is your one-stop shop for everything prom. There is a wide selection of complete 2- piece suits, 

3- piece suits, formal occasion blazers, button-up dress shirts, special occasion footwear, 100% leather adjustable belts and with select styles a bow tie comes included. 

The ultimate goal is to receive that celebrity treatment where people marvel at you and ask,

 "Who are you wearing?" 

If you're looking to break necks upon entering the room, then you're at the right store! 

Barabas Men aims to push the fashion envelope with vibrant colors, loud patterns and quality-only selection of fabrics. 

Why not go all out for your prom? Make it unforgettable by being unforgettable. Even if you're not running for prom king, it doesn't mean you can't feel regal. 



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