Guide to Men’s Dress Code for All Occasions

As in earlier times, women were the only ones who were giving attention to their clothes for what to wear on what occasion. But now the time has changed and with the change in time the behaviour of men have also changed, they have also become very focused on what to wear and what not to. Modern men understood the value of being presentable and also they understand the importance of wearing the right attire for the right occasions.

When we talk about dress codes, they are designed to provide guidance on what to wear on a particular occasion. We at Barabas Men offer you a huge collection of men’s wear for your wardrobe collection that can match your every style for any occasion.

Here is a complete guide to men’s dress code for all occasions.


Casual Dress Code

Most of the people will choose a casual dress in the first place because they are very comfortable to wear and it will provide a feel-free experience to your style. Your casual dress can also become your stylish attire if you how to match them correctly.

Well, to make that possible you can invest in classic items that will never go out of fashion. You can try some classic options such as Jeans, Sweaters, T-shirts, Denim Jackets, and Sneakers. Now it’s all on you how to combine your dressing attire so that it can match your style and also it can give you better comfort.


Smart Casual Dress Code

Well, the smart casual dress is a standard dress code, if wore properly it will give you a dashing look to your style. When you want your attire to match your style and appearance then try to go for clothes that are more elevated than your casual dress but are still relaxed and comfortable.

Man Wearing a Jacket

To get a smart casual dress, you can combine your daily casual wear with some sophisticated items, and there you have your smart casual dress.

Well, this is true that you can wear anything you want, you can wear jeans with a T-shirt or striped blazer mens and chinos with any shirt. All your choice but remember to balance your casual style with your smart wear so that you could be confident and dashing at the same time for any event you want to attend.


Business Casual Dress Code

Do not get confused with your Smart casual dress code and Business casual dress code because both are different in their attire. The main difference in both is that the

Business casual dress code mainly shows an air of professionalism in their attire. In the modern period with time changes, the office work has become modern too, so in modern offices, the business casual attire does not require to wear a suit. Well, you can say that this business casual attire is less formal, so to give it a professional look you can choose chinos with a sweater or dark jeans with a blazer to give a perfect look.

For a shirt, try to go for Oxford classic shirt or check shirt, and to give a finished look choose loafers, brogues, or Derby shoes to match your smart look.


Business Formal Dress Code

Well, the business formal dress code is reserved for conservative offices and business meetings or any business events. When you wear an appropriate style that can give you relax, stylish, and simple look so that you can feel confident in any of your business meetings or events.

Man Wearing a Business Formal Suit

To make your attire office-appropriate, you can choose a notch-lapel suit in a dark color like navy or charcoal colour. For a shirt, you can go for a classic Oxford white shirt or plain blue formal shirt, and to complete your style you can add a tie and leather shoes with it. The best choice for shoes is standard Oxfords or Derby shoes.


Cocktail Attire Dress Code

The main motive of the cocktail attire dress code is for evening parties and gatherings. The center of attraction for this dress code is definitely a suit. But you need to understand one thing that if you choose your regular office suite for your cocktail dress code it will give you a dull look to your style, always remember to get a slim-fit tailored design suit that can match your night party.

Go for a dark-colored slim-fit suit like black and blue with striped blazer mens,  and match them with a dress shirt, polished dress shoes, and also you can add a matching tie with your attire. Well, to make your personal style much attractive add some accessories of your choice.


Semi-Formal Dress Code

This dress code is great for any semi-formal event. The value of the semi-formal dress code is a bit higher than your cocktail dress code and just below the black tie. Well, the semi-formal look demands a classically sophisticated look, so wearing a suit can be better than a tuxedo as similar to a cocktail dress.

Man Wearing a Semi Formal Dress

When you wear a semi-formal dress then try to maintain a polished appearance for any semi-formal event. If your event is in day time then go for a light colour suit like beige and if your event is in the evening the. Go for a dark colour suit like navy colour. Add your attire with a striped blazer mens and tie of your choice, also for shoes you can opt for standard oxford or loafers that can match your style perfectly.

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