Monsoon Fashion Tips for Men

Well, the time has changed and you will need a new wardrobe collection for monsoon season. Earlier the summer was all about wearing happy bright clothes but the time has changed so that the season and you happy clothes will not able to manage the rain. The rains are erratic, so you will need to find the wear accordingly. We at Barabas men have a great collection of blazer design for men and more for this monsoon season to give you classic attire for your rainy weather so that you will always feel confident with your style.

Here are a few monsoon fashion tips for men.


Casual is the New Cool

Monsoon season is one of the best seasons but we can not say the same for the clothes. As the monsoon comes the rain falls and it will drenched all your clothes. So, do not try to overdo your clothing style if you don't want your clothes to get entirely wet. Well, to get easy, comfortable, and monsoon-worthy clothing, you will need to change some of your attires and get some new t-shirts to pair with a blazer design for men.

t-shirts for men

Try to find printed ones that are very hard to ignore and these t-shirts can give you an easy routine during monsoon season. Moreover you can wear them anywhere you want just match them with rugged jeans and you are all set to go out. Barabas men can provide you best collection of t-shirts for your style like- Libertados, Game changer, Classic story, etc.


Bring out the Cotton Shirts

Well, this is the fact that every man loves the buttoned-down cotton shirt and it is a great fashion staple in modern times. One of the most versatile and the most common wear for your wardrobe and it can easily grab everyone's attention as your classic white sneakers do. If we are talking about monsoon season then a shirt with tropical print could be a good option. Now the final thing is to match your cotton shirt with chinos or any other pants to give a perfect balance to your style.


Blazers to the Rescue

The monsoon season is the most playful climatic season and if you got an offer to attend any event or a cocktail party then wearing a blazer design for men could be perfect for your party occasions.

blazer design for men

Try to opt for a single-breasted blazer and add a crisp shirt along with it that will be just fine to match your style with the occasion. Also, it will not make you feel overdressed because this quintessential menswear is like a blessing in disguise. Like- Powerhouse, Watch the catch


Dry your Denim Right

Denim is the most common clothing option for any of your attire but in the rainy season getting wet is the main problem because it's very hard to dry your denim in monsoon season.

When you buy any cloth, you should know how to care for them so that they can run for a longer period. Avoid regular washing of your denim because it can loosen the strength of the fabric and also it can fade the colour of your denim. If you wash your denim in a washing machine then try to use some conditioner that can reduce the fibre breakage in your jeans.


More Shorts

Let’s accept that your shorts have spent the most time in your wardrobe than any other wear. Well, if we talk about pants then shorts will be the most comfortable wear everyone will go for, nevertheless, you can wear them any season except winters. If you are shy about legs been shown off then wear a nice pair of shoes that will do most of the talking.

Try to balance them with a t-shirt and you will look dapper. While we are talking about the monsoon season then try to wear dark-hued shorts that will be a perfect match. Like- Infiltrate, Soleil attraction


Waterproof Jackets

We know that we are talking about fashion but who said that a raincoat can’t be a fashion staple? Well, those normal plastic raincoats that you can get at any roadside shop are not so cool looking but if you try to find deeper you will get a nice-looking raincoat that will definitely give you a swanky look in monsoon season.

If you want to move with trends then wear stylish attire and cove them with your classy raincoat or a waterproof blazer design for men, a perfect way to make your 100 dollar raincoat look like million bucks. Just you need to learn how to balance your attire to get a perfect look.


Strappy Footwear

The most common shoes that men love are standard oxford shoes or boat shoes, but in monsoon season these shoes have no work at all. Try to get a shoe that has straps on them, because your regular shoes can get damage with rainwater but strap shoes are the saviour. If you wear sophisticated-looking slippers it can match up with your formals and also gives a fresh look in a good way.


Your Umbrella is your Accessory

If you started thinking that how an umbrella could help you in your fashion? So, let’s make it clear that yes umbrella is one the best accessory that can give a style to stand out from the crowd. A gentleman should buy a long umbrella that can provide a powerful masculine look, we know that these are a bit costly but a one-time investment can give a perfect style to match your monsoon season.


A Waterproof Watch is a Must

Well, if you love fashion and are very clear with fashion trends then it is a must to wear a nice match when you go outside. A watch can put a clean balance to your style. But as we know it’s a monsoon season wearing a normal watch in rain can damage your pocket, so try to switch to a classy style and get a waterproof watch that can actually survive any type of rain and still give a dashing look even in rain. Having a nice watch could give a refined touch to your entire appearance.