Hair Care for Men


It’s that time again fellas, No Shave November, the annual fight cancer awareness month.

 It is the  one time of the year you can take a break from shaving and cutting off your facial hair for the entire month and no lady friend can do anything about it. 

Now, it is for a great cause but how will you maintain a unruffled face if you can’t cut your ever growing hair?! No doubt you can pull off the scruffy look but even the rugged looks require a maintenance regimen. 

Lucky for you, we visited Celebrity Barber Jonathan Morales at his Barber studio in Bell and he shared with us what he uses for himself and his clients to tame and up-keep stubborn hair.

Jonathan Morales

Jonathan Morales's name has become more and more reputable among famous celebrities and public figures. 

They all get their hair cut by him because, simply put, he is the best. 

Not only is he highly skilled with clippers and razors, but he also innovated an enhancement wax pen that semi-permanently fixes facial patches and bald spots. You know how the ladies have eye-brow pens to fill in patchy hair loss, well now you have a solution too! 

"It is water proof as well so if you sweat a lot or you happen to get caught in some rain, the product won't smear or come off," explained Jonathan as he a sprayed some water on his face targeting his beard. 

We also talked about grooming brands and products and Jonathan highly recommended 

Gentlemen Republic

Providing today's gentlemen with high quality pomades, gels, oils, after shave and more, Jonathan and his elite clients opt for Gentlemen Republic grooming products.

Not only did we talk about beard grooming products but also head hair everyday essentials such as gels and pomades. Unless you're letting your head hair grow too, you probably have shorter lengths that you style daily. 

Each product individually serves to help you create different textures and styles on your hair. 

So, the hard part is taken care of, all you need to do is decide what look you're going for. 

Take a look below as we listed some of their best sellers. 

Shaving gel

Gentlemen's Republic shaving gel is lather free. 

The main purpose is for maximum razor glide protecting against micro cuts and irritation. 

Refined hair modeling gel

For starters, Refined mens hair gel is 100% alcohol free. 

This quality and efficient product provides a hard hold, hard shine, and it never flakes. 

Grooming paste

Use this grooming paste to get superior hold and a look that is like the name, Sleek. 

beard oil

Their beard oil is 100% essential oils: Argan, tea tree, jojoba, grape, almond, and eucalyptus. 


Classic Pomade is an alternative to gel giving your hair a more softer hold and natural look.  

Be sure pay Gentlemen Republic's website a visit! 

Also, if you're gearing up to participate for No Shave November, tag us @barabasmen