Sweater Collection

high neck sweater for men     Nestled 

Protects your neck from cold temperatures, made with quality comfortable knit fabric, and the Grey color is easy to match with most Barabas denim. 


  • Barabas Men sweater collection
  • 100 % Soft Acrylic
  • Long-sleeved
  • Neck wrap
  • Front buttons and fastenings
  • Quality Knit sweater
  • Fabric Content: 100% Acrylic
  • Care information: We recommend dry clean.

STYLE #WZ255 Mens Sweater Collection

white full sleeve sweater

Striped Ruins


Barabas Men knows the importance of a powerful knit, so keep the cold at bay with our handsome sweater.


  • Light sweater collection
  • Long sleeved
  • Crew neck
  • Black and White Square and Lines pattern
  • Our model is 6’2” / 1.87m and wears a M
  • Fabric Content: 60% Cotton 40% Acrylic
  • Care information: We recommend dry clean. 
STYLE #LS226 Mens Sweater Collection

Sweater Weather 

One great thing about Southern California is that there is a use for light knit sweaters and also for coat jackets. Fall and Winter daytime call for a light sweatshirt or knit sweater to keep you warm. As the night falls, it gets much cooler and that’s when you can pull out the wool-blend coats and wrapped neck cable knit sweaters. 

Barabas’s 2019 Fall/Winter collection of sweaters and coats are undoubtedly fashionable and functional. One of our universal fashion tips is this: If you feel good in it, then you look good in it, 

This collection is designed to bring out that spunk we know exists in you! Steering away from your plain hoodies and sweaters, this season Barabas is revealing a bold design concept. If there was a such thing as “hot-guy summer” then we have the Winter version of it. 

With preservation of the Fall/Winter colors, this collection is valiant and snug at the same time.