How To Look Like A Dapper Man In Chic Loafers

Life in lockdown has profoundly changed the way we dress, especially when it comes to footwear. But there are shoes that you will never regret buying, perhaps every dude should own, no matter when you return to work. But firstly take some time to figure out what you like the most, and then find the best style. 


What people say- buy less but better, it may sound clichéd but for a reason is true. Shoes are always important- perhaps the most important item of clothing in a man’s closet. The right footwear can either make your look or break your look. Just a tip- a key to nail the fit, you need to invest in a good pair of shoes because the right shoes on hand can complement your every rig-out. So, as it is up for debate let us talk about- THE SHOES. 


One pair of shoes that is versatile enough to go with casual apparel is ‘’loafers’’. These are classic slip-on style shoes made of leather or suede and shaped like moccasin with a flat heel. They can be worn with a variety of outfits for a range of occasions, despite the fact that it all started as casual wear. But look now they’re calling out for more formals.


Here we are providing an overview of different types of loafers. Also, we will be telling you what exactly you need to wear when wearing loafers.


Do I need to wear socks with loafers? When to go off-socks with loafers? All these questions will no longer strike your head again. Just read on.


1. Snake Print Loafers

A classic slip-on with no fastenings, perhaps the most stylish shoes of our time. For various reasons loafers are the best classic and exquisite shoes. You should not feel remorseful for investing in these types of shoes because they are minimalist and easily adaptable to different styles and seasons. But remember, the design of loafers is very important. That is exactly why we’re here. We at BARABAS aim to provide you the best, BEAU SERPENT a snake print design shoes with leather lining will be a great deal! They come with nice cushioned padded insoles for instant comfort and support. Buy them at reasonable prices and feel luxurious.

Best Loafers for Men

2. Floral Loafers

Black may be your classic color but have you tried something different? There are a variety of other loafers that can be more versatile. Floral loafers by BARABAS, are the perfect pair to have because they can suit casual as well as formal looks. Navy and red is also a good tone to consider and it works well to complement colors like white and beige. Playing in a smart casual territory? Pair it up with a matching blazer. Here, FLORAL LOAFERS are available in various shades- black, green, and orange. You can have a look at our store and take hold of some incredibly smart loafers.

Floral Loafers for Men

Old Timer Loafers

These lightweight and flexible rubber sole loafers are too good to go with casual occasions, business meetings, driving and so on. Wearing no socks with loafers is popular right now but if socks are your thing, you can wear them with these loafers. Make sure your socks color should match your outfit. Additionally, the neutral color OLD TIMERS will happily blend with some fitted trousers or suit pants and a nice coat for the fall. Loafers and smart casuals are pretty much made for each other. Both have a class. Go check them out at our store. Available in beige, black and red.

Black Loafers for Men

Classic Loafers

If you’re going to wear loafers with a suit go for classic loafers but make sure it’s not a three piece. Tie with loafers is certainly not a match. You look classy and stylish in a casual suit wearing these CLASSIC LOAFERS. Go for simplistic designs when it comes to these loafers and stick to black and white colors, if you want to embrace a traditional look. 


How to style these, if this is your next question, don't move your eyes off-

  • Wear an EFFERVESCE shirt
  • Grab attention wearing white SALT pants
  • Wear a decorative print GOLD SEQUENCE with a premium pair of BARABAS denim jeans 
  • Go with limited accessories like sunglasses and a watch

Classic Loafers for Men

My Loafers

Wear My LOAFERS with a printed shirt and denim jeans. Here, what will attract you is the crisscross pattern on the shoes. You’ll be amazed how this simple decision of buying these can make you switch from your regular shoes to loafers. The inkling here is to ensure that they aren’t overly formal or dressed up. These can be best aligned with preppy blazers. However, make sure your outfit colors well with your shoes. Plus your clothing should be tailored well. Additionally, you can wear them with shorts for an easy day out. What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Grab these amazing shoes from our site. 


If you think that focusing on shoes is way better than focusing on the attire, this fashion game is not going to work at all. Both need equal attention. Maybe it depends on every single individual. Unequivocally, choices may differ. Some prefer spending more on shoes while some focus on the outfit. But first you need to realize what is best and comfortable for you then find the right wardrobe fill-ups. Your whole look should be well balanced in terms of fashion and style. Always remember whatever suits you should wear confidently.