Awe-Inspiring White Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men

Summers are the perfect breakout from too many layers, you just want something that is breathable and flexible. That’s why you need one item that works well with almost everything, and is super comfortable to wear. So, let us introduce you to ‘’crisp white shirt’’ the most versatile piece of clothing in any man’s closet. Many of you might think that white shirts are only meant for formal events. Ah… not any longer! Now they are seen everywhere from business to beaches. There’s a great sense of charm and ease that emanates from wearing a white shirt. You can embrace your fashion with the elegance that never goes off the trend. 


If you own a white shirt which we think you might own, then maybe you’ve got a little bit of idea how this single piece can build a perfect capsule wardrobe. But if you don’t then you’ve fallen to the right place. We’ve rounded up 5 amazing looks that you can gear up whilst wearing a white shirt.


 Before that let us give you some tips that might turn out helpful-

  • Go with shirts that are breathable for maximum comfort.
  • Buy a white shirt that fits you well, if not, try getting help from a tailor.
  • Don’t forget your wristwatch.

Here we go-

1. Denim Jeans

For all the latest trends and for everyday occasions, take a gander at our newest denim collection. NOVEMBER 8TH RAIN a solid whiskers skinny starch denim is a perfect match for a white crisp shirt. It is made with comfort starch denim that’s both flexible and authentic. If you’re looking for a highly formal shirt, go for the plain one but if you want to style it personally then go for printed and striped ones. Choice is yours! For footwear conform to matching loafers. Make sure to put on those super cool shades. That’s your perfect go-to look for an easy day out. 

 Best Jeans for Men

2. With Blazers

Men in black! Does this sound like a jaw dropping look? Yes, definitely yes. If you have a party- whether a reunion or a prom, wear a white shirt underneath your casual blazer. Remember your blazer color should be solid like black or maroon. The BARABAS men’s black velvet with a line of rhinestones on the sleeves will never dishearten you for a party. THE STARRY NIGHT is a modern slim fit that makes the perfect tuxedo jackets for prom. So, prepare your outfit- a white shirt, a black velvet blazer, black jeans and for shoes go with black loafers. All bases covered! Have a blast. 

Black Blazer for Men

3. With Grey Chinos

Wearing a white shirt with neutral colors is a much simpler style. You can wear it to your office or any business meeting. Not all of us want to wear blazers or coats, on the contrary we’ve got you much simpler and yet a great looking option. PRIVILEDGE in grey by BARABAS will be the decent pick. We have tons of colors in it and you’ll not find any other brands using elastic waistband technology. These are the innovative designs that focus on comfort. Interestingly, apart from your business casuals, if you’re going out with friends what you need to do is replace your footwear with your regular white sneakers. Now, you’re good to go. 

Grey Chinos for Men

4. With Black Slack

White with black is a perfect color to go. We at BARABAS offer you RUGGED in black which is super comfortable and stylish. Pair it up with your crisp shirt. This smart-casual style is suitable for events like parties with long lost friends or your business associates. Tuck the shirt in, roll up the sleeves, and finish off the look. Now what will complement your entire look is none other than your shoes and accessories. For that go with black loafers and a wrist watch. 

Black Jeans for Men

5. With Shorts

White shirts with printed shorts are perfect for summer travels! Perhaps BARABAS men’s printed floral, sun, and peacock shorts with two side pockets are your perfect go-to look. Wear black slip-ons and sunglasses for an edgy look. Furthermore, our LIFE OF THE PARTY shorts in royal blue and black color will be a winning option for white shirt if you’re going to your favorite weekend spot, say a beach. A stunning combination that will be picture perfect; a plain white shirt, printed shorts, loafers, and a super cool hat. Don’t forget to take those cool sunglasses with you though. 

 Printed Floral Short for Men


It is for sure you’ll look handsome wearing a white shirt but as they say everything comes with the cons. As you know, white color is prone to dirt, if you’re eating your favorite meal in a café and by accident you get a stain on your shirt that will be easily visible on white color will ruin your day. A white tee can changeover into an off-white tee swiftly. So, here are some tips that you must consider- 

  • First of all, wash the stain ASAP. The longer you wait, the darker the stain gets.
  • Use appropriate soap for washing.
  • Separate it while washing.
  • After washing and drying, iron the shirt and then fold it properly.