How to Properly Rock A Statement Making Vest

 There are men who think vests are old fashioned and out of style. In fact, there aren’t many men who think vests are cool anymore. But that’s because they don’t know how to wear it. In this article, we would go over the basics of wearing a vest, occasions that vests can be worn to, accessories to pair a vest with, etc.

A vest can make quite a styling statement when you wear it, and place you at the very center of attention and attraction. Today, I will be dishing simple tips on how you can draw attention to yourself in these easy steps, by just combining a variety of items and accessories with your vest.

If you carefully follow these simple steps, you can easily make the best of your wardrobe and put on a classy look that will get you the admiration and attention you deserve, while also giving you an over the roof confidence each time you step out. Before deciding on wearing that vest you need to consider whether it is perfect for the occasion.

mens checkered vest and pant


What’s The Occasion?

Before you put on your vest, or any other attire, it is crucial that you understand the occasion or event. You can get away with jeans that have a distress look, if you are wearing a casual vest. But that won’t do it for most occasions. The occasion is what dictates every other thing- the kind of vest you wear, how you wear it, what you combine with your vest.

For instance, a more polished or dress vest would look best with a solid dark pair of jeans or dress pants if the occasion is an informal or semi-formal one. You can wear this with a nice pair of shoes, and a fancy belt to match the shoes.

However, a formal occasion requires more thoughtfulness, attention to details and combination. This type of occasion calls for some style and flavor like a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes. You can spice things up with a layer depth or dimension throw tie on.

Also, be certain the vest perfectly fits your body frame.  Loose vests or overly baggy ones can make the vest loose its attraction and ruin the hard work that has been put into finding the right clothing items and accessories for your outing.

perfect combination of vest and chino pants

Match A Vest With The Right Clothing Items And Accessories

If you are looking to step up your wardrobe or up your dress game, you must know how to pair your clothes with other fashion accessories hat are needed to complete the look. If you are used to wearing a vest or blazer and tie (maybe a bow tie), you may be bored by now.

You can consider switching to a button up and a vest. White shirts are most versatile; patterned shirts or Colored ones can be weird, unless the colors are neutral.

Short sleeves shirt is not exactly a perfect combination with a vest except you don’t mind looking like a high school boy; however, some might prefer short sleeves because they are comfortable. Short sleeves might not be a bad idea; it’s better than wearing a long sleeve and then rolling the sleeves up.

Vest is just an obvious and important part of your dressing that must be paid adequate attention, to complete the look and receive mind-blowing feedbacks as compliments, the right clothing items must be paired with the vest.

Important clothing items and accessories to wear your vest with includes a shirt, a pair of trouser, a tie, a pocket square or broach or lapel pins, a pair of cufflinks for you shirt, wristwatch, a pair of shoes, and others as you may deem fit. There are no stated rules to how all these accessories must be worn, if they can be worn at once or which to leave out.

The most important rule guiding the combination of accessories and clothing material for a vest is what type of occasion it is. While vest was first popular for formal occasions like business dates, workplace, weddings, funerals, traditions and festivities, etc., there are other informal occasions that a vest can be worn to with a little tweak.

For example, the right set of clothing items and accessories to rock to a wedding if all you have in mind is a vest without a suit or blazer jacket include; a long sleeve shirt, a pair of trouser, a pair of dress shoe, cufflinks for your shirt, a bow or long tie, a pocket square if your vest has a pocket or lapel pins or broach if it doesn’t have a pocket, wristwatch and other accessories you love to wear, i.e. Bracelet. While all these accessories could be paired together, pay attention to the color combination, the knowledge of color wheel will come handy here.

If the occasion is a concert, lunch date with friends or a casual visit to places and you would love to rock a vest, your creativity can spin as wild as it want to; only ensure that the right set of accessories are combined. If I were attending a rock concert and want to wear a vest, I would pair it with a round neck plain T-shirt (preferably white or black), a pair of jean, a pair of sneakers or boots, wristwatch, a lapel pin and a hat; I really love dressing perfectly for any occasion.  

When it comes to footwear, the occasion to a large extent determine what kind will suit the choice of clothing that has been picked out. Shoes are a different accessory that needs proper enlightenment on how to wear them, because no single footwear suit all occasions. Dress shoes are perfect for a formal gathering but may look awkward in an informal setting while sneakers, boots, loafers, etc. are just perfect for an informal or semi-formal occasion.

bespoke vest for all occasions

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