Make Your Holidays Full Of Colors, Wear Barabas Collections

Make Your Holidays Full Of Colors, Wear Barabas Collections

Valentine is here again with love in the air; all are merry and full of smiles. It's that time of the year when you celebrate and live like you own and rule the world; you're free from the drama and the pressure (at least) the world gives on a daily.

The moment you anticipated and dreamt of is finally here; it's a time to explore the world by yourself or with friends and family and you just can't wait to check your bucket list for the holiday.

Are you thinking of how best you can express yourself? No worries, wear Barabas' Collections. We have a variety of outfits just perfect for you to color your holiday. What are you waiting for, check them out?

Checkered Pants

Step out this holiday season looking fabulous with our collection of checkered Pants that give the extra feeling of confidence and a charming look.

Whether you're looking for something formal or casual, we've got you covered. Our checkered Pants come in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs depending on your choice.

Thinking about how best to rock these pants to suit your personality, no stress; we have some recommendations for you. You can check our blog on Men's Checkered Pants for details.

Animal Prints and Floral Design Button-down Shirts

Holiday time is the time to add flavor to your life. To achieve this, you should get our Men's animal print casual shirts.

These shirts are pocket friendly and easy to wear. They come in short and long sleeves. They are not regular designs but they are trendy and fashionable. We have a collection of colors and styles for your skin tone and personality.

To better present yourself in our animal prints shirt, keep your outlook as simple as possible; do not wear them with other wears that are animal prints as well such as pants or shoes and complement them with simple accessories.

For your next date appointment with that pretty damsel, look classic in one of our animal print shirts. Our Men's floral shirt is a collection that should be included in every man's wardrobe. They are colorful and bold to give you that extra fresh look.

We have a variety of lighter and brighter designs as well as duller and darker designs; aside rocking them for the holiday, you can wear them during summer and winter.

Barabas' Men's Blazers and Suits.

Men's fashion isn't complete without blazers and suits and Barabas' Collections has got the most bespoke blazers and suits for sophisticated men.

Barabas’ Cufflinks and Pocket Squares

Cufflinks are little fashion items that serve as shirt fasteners. They come in different styles and shapes. Cufflinks are worn by men alongside formal or semi-formal dresses.

There isn't much to say about cufflinks but you must know that cufflinks are attached to the cuffs of shirt sleeves; long sleeves to be precise. Choose the style, color, et cetera that best suits your outfit.



Barabas’ Pocket Squares

When choosing pocket squares the following rules will guide you. Squares that aren't made of light materials should be about 30cm in size when folded while squares made of light materials such as wool should be about 40-45cm in size when folded.

Pocket squares should be worn to formal gatherings such as dinner. No rule says the color of your pocket square must match that of your tie just make sure that whatever color you choose does not in any way alter the entire look.


Barabas’ Bag Collection

It is not new to see men carrying bags since bags found their way through men fashion trends. Sometimes, one wonders what exactly they put in these bags. The truth is, men have stuff they carry too like women.

Nevertheless, not all bag types are suitable for all occasions. For instance, on a date, you don't need a bag; your wallet is just perfect but an office handbag is more than perfect for work! So, wearing the right bag with the right outfit for the right occasion is a great deal!

Color is also important when choosing bags. Make sure your choice of color does not in any way cause a misinterpretation of your general look.

Experts say you should go for good leathers; you may want to always keep this in mind. Bags made from good leathers give a classy and stylish look.


Barabas’ Best Everyday Loungewear

Stylish loungewear has really grown into a wardrobe essential. Dressing casually is one thing, looking exquisitely modest is however more important. Premium, luxurious loungewear is what bridges this gap, allowing you to go all-in on comfort while retaining a done-up, fashionable look that is appropriate for everyday life. At Barabas, we have the best premium loungewear for men who want easy pieces that look good, feel better, and are suitable for their full lifestyle — from home, to work, dating, fun and travel.

We bring a cool, youthful street wear sensibility to loungewear with our “Transpose” collection. The two-piece set is comfortable and stylish — allowing you to dress up or down, and switch up your look to suit the occasion.

Make Your Holidays Full Of Colors, Wear Barabas Collections


Barabas Basic Polo Shirts

Looking casual and classy is cool, what do you think about casual, classy and comfy? I would describe that feeling as magically heavenly.  Barabas basic polo shirts have been designed to make you look good and classy; beyond that, to suit your skin with a moist feeling such that you have no itchiness despite the temperature.  Our basic polo shits is made of ninety-five percentage (95%) cotton and five percent (5%) Spandex.

We have a variety of options for you to pick from and you can be certain that you can never run out of options.  Make your summer colorful yet comfortable by checking out any of our basic polo shirts. Easy to wash cotton material, washable with machine at 40 degree Celsius but do not tumble dry; rather have it sun-dried. 

Make Your Holidays Full Of Colors, Wear Barabas Collections



At Barabas men collection, we have absolutely all clothing items and accessories that you might need to have a lovely and amazing experience in the season of love. You rather gift the items to your friends? We’ve got you covered.

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