How to Style at an Office Party for Men

If we are talking about the office party then it is equally important for men as it is for women, and nowadays men have become very observative about what they wear, how they wear because they also want to look attractive. But one thing to keep in mind is that in an office environment they should not look overdressed; just a professional touch is required to make your way in a dashing way.

When it comes to appropriate premium men’s clothing dressing for your office party, there are few things to keep in mind that you should make sure to dress to impress. You should be very well aware of how to play with the smart and formal dress at these types of parties where you will meet your co-workers, your boss, your clients, and few other new people. You will want that your style should give a great first impression in front of everyone. Although it is not a competition to find out who looks better but having our own style to give you an attractive look, who does not want that.

Here is how to style at an office party.


Small Printed or Pastel color Shirts at an office party for Men


Pastel Colored Shirts


A shirt is the most basic outfit that every premium men’s clothing should have in their wardrobe. Try to choose small printed shirts then the big ones because the small prints give a very subtle look. Well, if you do not have small printed shirts then you can always go for pastel shirts. If we are talking about an office party then pastel colors can be the best option. You can match them with formal pants or chinos.


Shirts or T-shirt with Scarf or stole to look dapper

If you are trying to look cool at your office party then you can opt for a shirt or t-shirt and you can do an experiment by adding a scarf along with it. You can use the scarf around your neck and a bit underneath your shirt. You can also use a stole with your t-shirt and you are ready to charm.


Chinese collar shirts for the Office Party


Chinese & Band Collar


There are lots of people who love Chinese collar shirts and even if you do not wear this shirt in your office, if we are talking about an office party then it can go along well. Mix a chino or formal pant with it and it will give you a clean and sober look. 


Polo T-shirts or V-neck T-shirts are best for the office party

Polo t-Shirts have been in the style for a long period, but earlier it was made for sportswear. With the time changes, people started wearing them as casual wear and wearing a Polo t-shirt in your office party can give a neat look just add them with cotton pants or jeans. Instead of your regular crew-neck T-shirts, you can opt for a V-neck t-shirt for a smart look. 


Jumpers to style at an office party for men

You can opt for a nice jumper if you want to look a bit younger at your office party. You can go for a plain jumper with a printed shirt to get a cool look but if you want formal attire then get a black jumper with a crisp white shirt and match them with chinos or formal pants, and you are all set to look dashing in your office party.

Adding a stole with the jumper and the printed shirt can give you an attractive premium men’s clothing look that will grab the eyes of everyone. 


Blazer or Bomber jacket for an office party

If you want to look bold at your office party, then you should opt for a bomber jacket. Every man loves bomber jackets and they have been the latest trend on the street but also it is a cool option for your office party. You can add a t-shirt underneath the jacket and pair them with casual pants or jeans. Select a nice-looking sneaker to enhance your style. Also, you can opt for a casual Blazer with a T-shirt and mix them with casual pants or chinos. Every man looks dashing and smart when they wear the blazer. 


Suspenders will give a good impression


Suspender on White Shirts


Suspenders are one of the oldest men's fashion accessories that can never grow old with time, not just it only adjusts your shirt with your pant but also it gives you a stylish look when you wear them with classic jeans or a casual pant. There is no rule that you have to wear a shirt with suspenders but also you can wear them on a t-shirt and still, you will look attractive. There are lots of colors and patterns available for suspenders but striped and leather suspenders look more attractive. 


A coat Suit or Tuxedo is the best way to Dress up

If you are going to attend a formal office party where lots of delegates will come and you want to impress your co-workers and your boss then you can coat a suit that can give you an edgy look. Choose a fine plain shirt for such parties.

If you are a tuxedo fan then you can add them with a plain shirt with folded sleeves. There you are all set to look classy and stylish at the same time, and you will definitely grab some eyes at your party.