What to Wear To a Wedding?

Well, if you are going to attend any wedding then there are some guide tips that every man should follow if they want to look attractive in front of others. It is important to understand what the invite requests and do not overdress for such types of occasions.

Here is what to wear to a wedding:

1. Black Tie Weddings

If you want to look more sophisticated and classy in your style wear then Tuxedo can help you to get the top points. If you are going to attend a formal wedding then wearing a black tie will be your best option because it is the backbone of formal attire.

Newly Married Couple Celebrating

If we talking about formal wedding attire then here are some best options for you to charm:


Dinner Jacket

Well, the entire standard Tuxedo involves a formal jacket along with them that are made up of high-quality wool and are light in weight. These jackets come in peak or shawl lapel, no vents, with a satin or grosgrain finish, adding subtle contrast to matte jacket. If you are bored with the black color you can opt for a midnight blue color jacket that will give you an attractive look to your style. 

If you are wearing a bold jacket always try to balance them with black trousers. 


Tuxedo Trousers

Well, in traditional trousers they have grosgrain striped down the leg so that it can match the lapels. You can avoid the belt loops on your trouser and try to opt for a flat front style. Always try to set your pant on a high waist. 


The Dinner Shirt

You can opt for a plain crisp shirt that can give you a cleaner look to your style, also you can choose a pleated shirt if you want to look fancier. You can opt for classic Marcella fabric to get a textured touch, it will offer you a great look that will not overpower your style. Just add a black tie along with it to give a finishing touch to your style. 


Tuxedo Appropriate Shoes

Well, if you choose a black-tie then we will suggest you get a black shoe because it will be the perfect match to your attire. Well, choose black leather lace-up shoes to make a simple but classy look. Just avoid using brogue punch holes or leather shoes with chunky heels because simplicity is key to impress anyone. 



If you want something better than a black-tie then you can opt for a bow tie which is superior to a normal tie. Finish your look with quality cufflinks and a silk scarf to give a winter touch to your style.


2. Semi-Formal Weddings

Man Wearing a Semi Formal Suit

Well, in modern times the semi-formal dress code is the most popular request for wedding invitations nowadays. Even if the dress code is specified then also semi-formal attire can be your safest option. This dress code is very far from casual wear but it is more relaxed than black tie wear. But a thing to warn is that more styling can make your attire look like that you are going for office work or a court hearing. 



Try to choose a dark suit striped blazer mens as it is the main foundation of the semi-formal dress code. You can choose from black, navy, or grey, all are acceptable in this code and especially if we are in the winter season. But if you are going to attend any event in summer then you can opt for a lighter suit.



Well, in semi-formal dress code striped blazer men’s attire, try to stick to solid color shirts such as white, black, grey, blue, also you can choose mild pattern shirts that will give you a dapper look. Just make sure that your shirt should be properly ironed, crisp, and clean.



If we are talking about semi-formal shoes then Oxfords can be your best option, you can also go for monk-strap shoes of black or brown color, just one thing to make sure is your shoes must be clean and well-polished for the special event. 



Remember that this is not your business trip attire, so having a creative touch to your style is welcome the most, across your socks, tie, and square pockets. But instead of a patterned tie, you can go for a knitted tie. 


3. Cocktail Dress Code Weddings

Man Wearing a Charcoal Grey Suit

Well, this cocktail attire fits in between a smart casual and semi-formal dress code. Well, if your party is in winter then you can go for heavy woolen suits but if you are attending the party in summer you can opt for lighter cotton or linen suits. If your event is at night time then stick to darker wear but if it's in day time then you can opt for light color clothes such as beige, smoke grey, or even white color is acceptable. 



For your cocktail party, you should stick to a two-piece in a peak or notch lapel and the suit striped blazer men’s should be cut sharp and slim. For the color navy and charcoal are the best color option for your night party, or you can opt for a tasteful suit pattern such as plaid and windowpane are also acceptable in the cocktail party. 



Well, if you are wearing a patterned suit then stick to a block-colored shirt or demure print, it will give you a bolder look.



You can opt for a casual loafer to match your style, or a dark leathered shoe in winters or tan in summers.