Make the Heads Turn with These Casual Holiday Party Outfits

Enough of formal clothes. Clothes for office, college, and regular activities have already filled your wardrobe. And now you are packing those same clothes for a long holiday!

Does it even make any sense?


You may need stylish clothes, especially for holidays. And if you have no idea what to wear on a holiday trip, let us share some ideas for Casual Holiday Party Outfits.

5 Casual Holiday Party Outfit Ideas for Men

Casual Holiday Party Outfit Ideas for Men

Outfit ideas can differ depending upon the location and occasion of the holiday. If the holiday trip is to a beach for a bachelor party, the outfit will be different from a family trip by the beach.

Therefore, you need to organize your mind before you should start packing your clothes for the trip on holiday. And here, we will brief you about the top five party outfit ideas for different locations. So, you can choose the best outfit ideas according to your choice.

1.       Beach shorts, button-down shirts, and crocs

Having a themed party by the beach needs special attention. So, you can opt for beach shorts with unique prints and motifs along with any light-colored button-down shirt. Any short or full sleeve shirt according to your preference will work. For more utility, you can buy a full-sleeve shirt and roll the sleeves to adjust according to your need.

Coming to footwear, crocs are trending in shoes. So, wearing them with clothes at a beach party will grab the attention of the crowd.

2.       Solid polo t-shirts with printed pants and slippers

Now, not all holiday parties are relaxation only. Some holidays come with work responsibilities. So, what can you wear to a work-related holiday party?

As the party involves business, you can opt for a solid-colored polo t-shirt or shirt along with printed, striped, or checkered shorts. For the bottom, you can also get jeans. The upper part portrays a professional look, whereas the bottom radiates a carefree look. And the right pair of shoes will bind these two together to complete the overall outfit for the work party.

However, it is necessary to maintain color coordination between the shirts and pants. Also, if the party is by the pool or beach, wearing slippers will be a better choice instead of sneakers or loafers.

3.       Printed shirts with chino pants and loafers

A printed shirt for the holiday trip will never disappoint you. So, whenever you are in doubt, grab the printed shirts from your closet. Wear the printed shirts with chino pants and loafers to get the professional look to get things done.

And discard the loafers and put on a comfortable shoe to rock the after-party.
And if you want a more sophisticated business look, you can carry a blazer over the printed shirt.

4.       Full sleeve shirts with jeans and sneakers

No matter where you go, jeans will be an integral part of men's fashion. So, when it is a holiday party, you should carry jeans with you. Pair the jeans with full-sleeve shirts with contrast collars or stripes to get a unique look. Grab your favorite white sneakers to complete the look.

5.       Designer shirts and pants with sneakers

A designer piece will never fail to enhance your look. So, if you have a grand holiday party to attend then get the designer shirt and pants from your preferred store. There are so many designer brands available within your locality.

And the stores have in-house designers who can guide you to the best clothes that fit the theme of the party. Many stores offer co-Ord pieces on the same motifs. So, that can also be a great fashion statement for the next party.

And for the shoes – sneakers are and will be the best choice for such a combination.

So, these are the top 5 work holiday party outfits that you can flaunt on your next holiday trip. Take your notes and change accordingly to get the clothes that suit your taste.

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