Men’s Floral Design Button-down Shirts

A button-down shirt is a garment with a collar and an opening at the front, which is fastened with buttons or shirts studs.

Some say button-down shirts are out of style, but that’s not true. If the occasion is not formal and it calls for a button-down shirt, it is widely accepted.

‘Can men wear floral design button-down shirts?’ you may ask. Of course, the answer is yes. They can wear them, and the shirts look very good on them, especially when they choose the right size and color, which perfectly fits their skin.

Many people think floral shirts are feminine, but that’s not true. The fresh floral prints that has dominated the market for a while now looks very on men. Besides, floral shirts for men dates to many decades ago when it started trending for a beach wear.


Barabas Men’s floral design button-down shirts


How Do You Wear A Floral Design Button-Down Shirt

Different wears have their different usage for different occasions. Your floral shirts have a different way you should wear them. Note that not all floral prints can’t be worn on all occasions.

The lighter and brighter ones are the best worn in summers while the duller and darker for winters. This is because, brightly colored wears compliments the brightness of the sun and adds to the summer beauty. The fun fact here is that brightly colored shirts look good on anyone during summer; no complexion barrier, just find the right shirt!

Natural fibers should be your choice if you are an avid traveler and need a shirt that will suit different climates. While nylon, synthetic, wool, leather etc., may be best suited for some particular regions, i.e. hot or cold, fiber materials can suffice for any region you might desire to explore.

However, there are certain rules that guide the wearing of printed, patterned or floral shirts; one of which is that two different prints, pattern or floral dresses (shirts, trousers or ties) should not be worn together.

If you could abide by the unwritten but important rules with a little bit of creativity, you can be sure that your fashion sense will take a new turn. Other things to consider before settling for that floral shirt are:


Barabas Men’s floral design button-down shirts


Match The Colors

Sometimes, you may not know the pants' color to wear on your shirts, especially when the shirt is full of beautiful colors and designs. You don’t have to be restless or abandon it; you can just choose one of the colors on the shirt that you are comfortable with; if your favorite color is there, then you have your answer right there.

For me, there are two ways I settle for what pant to wear on my “full of colors” shirts; the first way is to find the dominant and minor colors. I’ll then decide which one best compliment my skin color and the occasion; that is the one I will opt for, i.e., color black, peach and brown compliment my skin so well, those are my first stop for my floral shirts.

You can’t be out of ideas when it comes to matching colors, as I said earlier, a touch of creativity is all that is needed; even the color of the button should be considered. When you do this, you can be confident that, you look great for the planned occasion.


Match The Texture

It is very good when the texture of your shirt and pants match perfectly. Not that the material should be the same only, but both should match the feel and look. While a cotton floral shirt might look good on a cotton shorts for a beach wear, I don’t think a silk floral shirt will be great on a silk trousers for a semi-formal meeting. Rather, a silk shirt on a dress trouser that has wool, cotton or other polyester family (not silk) as their primary material.

This is not to say silk is a bad material for a this trouser, no. In fact, silk is one of the most comfortable clothing's materials ever made, but the truth is that there is something about silk dress trousers that just does not seem right.


Barabas Men’s floral design button-down shirts



Match Your Personality

Don’t wear clothes that will keep you conscious all day long or ones that you are not comfortable in; but those that will give your personality more confidence. You choice of clothing should be a definition of who you are. Don’t be pressured to act out someone else’ personality in the way you dress, although some people’s dress sense could be a guide for you.

Ensure your attire matches the kind of person you are - your real self that sometimes you won’t need to explain your personality to people. Merely seeing your outfit, they tell a few things about your kind of person.


Use The Right Accessories

No matter how good and pleasant your attire is, not using the right accessories could mar all the handwork of selecting the right texture of clothes, combination of colors, etc.

The right accessories to use when putting on those eye-catchy floral shirts are sneakers, lace-up or dress shoes, aviator glasses, bracelets, wristwatches and pendants, sleek style of scarf, plain pocket square, matching cufflinks and so on.


Choose The Right Color Of Shoes

The rule here is that your shoes must match the color of your belt, especially if your shirts will be tucked into your trousers, i.e. a black belt to go on a black shoe, brown belt on a brown shoe, red belt on a red shoe, etc.

“What if I don’t need to use a belt?” you may ask. To show that you know what you are doing, even when you don’t have the faintest idea of the color of shoes to put on, choose a natural colored shoe like black, grey, or brown.

Get The Right Size

To look perfect in your shirt, getting the right size is one of the conditions. The shoulder seams are to line up to your shoulders in an exact way. It must not be too long. Your shirt's length should be in the middle of your pant’s zipper. Get a professional to measure your perfect size and let that inform the next shirt you will buy.


Looking good does not require so much, just the right set of clothing's and accessories with the right sense of combination; with these, you can get heads turning your direction in admiration.

All different types of beautiful floral shirts you may need are available at Barabas store. Check out our array of beautiful designs that will be a blessed addition to your wardrobe. For further enquires or consultation on your wardrobe Barabas men collection.