Men's Animal Print Button-Up Casual Button-Down Shirts

 The holidays are here with the sweet-smelling aroma that comes with them. It is time to add a little more spice into your life, and one of the most important places to start is in your wardrobe. The decision of what a wardrobe should look like is usually tasking for several reasons, one of which is settling for sets of clothes that best suit one's personality and, more importantly, budget.

The most important piece of clothing that every human should have in surplus is shirts. These are must-have wears because they seem to be the first thing people notice about you after your shoes; for women, it might be the next after hair and bag.

Barabas Men's Animal Print Button-Up Casual Button-Down Shirts

Casual shirts mean different things to different people. For some, it is the silky kind of round neck shirt that can be worn for a walk. For some, it is anything that is worn in a casual or informal manner to suit the desired occasion; I agree more with the latter opinion. How you style a cloth to a large degree determines if it's a dress shirt or casual one.

However, there are shirts that the designer's original intention is for it to be worn casually, i.e., long-sleeved shirts with a button rope and button to convert it to a casual dress. Prints are one of the most worn shirts in the Men's fashion world, and they are such a beauty to behold.


What Does Animal Print Shirt Look Like

These are shirts, whether long or short sleeved, produced to imitate the skin of certain animals like leopard, tiger, cheetah, wild cats, etc. They equally come in different colors and designs. Animal print clothes became very popular in the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

Barabas Men's Animal Print Button-Up Casual Button-Down Shirts


Is animal print still in vogue today, you may ask; the answer is in affirmative. Since its entry into the market with beautiful and creative inventions over the years, animal prints have maintained a prolific status. 

Animal prints are famous for been worn casually than as a formal dress shirt. It might be considered for a semi-formal occasion if an animal print is not the dominant design, i.e. plain shirt with a tapping of animal prints along its ends.


How To Perfectly Style Your Animal Print Button Up Casual Button-Down Shirt

There is no written constitution about what should be done when it comes to the fashion world, but there are unwritten but obvious rules about what goes with what. Knowing these salient rules goes a long way in saving one from being a fashion victim and receiving unwanted or rude attention.

There are certain bespoke ways that you can style are animal prints casual shirts that will make you look Peng for that planned day out. I will be providing you with a few ways to rock animal prints shirts. Feel free to put your creativity to good use by exploring the animal print world; you will certainly be amazed at what you will find.  Here is how to style your animal print shirts.

Barabas Men's Animal Print Button-Up Casual Button-Down Shirts

Wear Animal Prints Sparingly

The same rules that apply to floral design shirts go for this. You don't want to step out of the house looking like a beautiful tiger that just escaped the zoo on two feet, and I certainly don't want you to be a fashion victim on some blog. Hence, be stingy with wearing animal prints.

Once you are wearing an animal print shirt, you don't have to compliment it with any other animal print wear or accessory. Every other wear you will be having on should have nothing to do with animal print. I can promise that you will look fashionable and admirable.

Another thing to take note of here is mixing two or more different prints. On occasion, when wearing two pieces of animal prints is okay (this is rare but not unachievable) If you are wearing a leopard skin, stick with it; if you are wearing a cheetah spot, leave it at that. Don't mix a tiger skin with a leopard spot; it doesn't work that way. For example, a leopard skin hat on a tiger skin shirt, that's a NO!


Wear Animal Prints With Solid Colors

This cannot be over-emphasized; your bottoms (shorts, trousers), jacket (if you need one), shoes, etc., should be worn in solid colors. Solid is not synonymous to vibrant, so don't go for flashy colors. that will draw more attention to you than the animal print shirt already does; it might unsettle you.

Wearing a solid color with an animal print shirt help to subdue the noise and business that already accompany animal print wear. You can never go wrong pairing neutral colors with an animal print shirt; black, with, grey, khaki, brown, etc.  

Barabas Men's Animal Print Button-Up Casual Button-Down Shirts

Keep Accessories Simple

Men accessories include cufflinks, neck chain, shoes, pocket squares or lapel, ties, wristwatch, hand chain etc. in wearing these accessories with an animal print shirt, keep them toned down; the truth is that you don't have to wear all the above mentioned accessories with an animal print shirt. The important ones like shoes, wristwatches, and cufflinks, if there is no button, are just fine.

If you must use all the accessories mentioned above, they should be simple and classy; nothing to call attention to you.

Barabas Men's Animal Print Button-Up Casual Button-Down Shirts

Occasions Animal Print Button-Up Casual Button-Down Shirt Perfectly Suit

 It is important to first settle in your mind that a causal button-down shirt is best suited for not so serious occasions that most people regard as informal or semi-formal occasions.  Some of the occasions or places you can rock a bespoke animal print button-up casual button-down shirts to include:

  • For a date: This could be a daytime or dinner date. You would definitely rock in an animal print shirt
  • The beach or poolside: You could be going to either of these places for a date, fun or a party. For any reason you might be going, wearing an animal print is a great choice. However, keep the choice of colors natural.
  • For a walk in the cool of the day: Maybe you had a long day and need to shower step out to clear your head; animal prints have a way of keeping you inspired. There are several other occasions you can wear animal print shirts to, as mentioned earlier; engage you creativity in making these choices.



I am sure you can know how to and how not to wear an animal print casual shirt. Also, occasions and places these shirts are befitting for.  Remember that the way you appear tells a stranger a bit about who you are. Making a lasting, beautiful impression on those beautiful strangers with our collection of animal prints button-up casual button-down shirts, you'd be glad you did.

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