Saúl El Jaguar´s sleek style

 As we implied in our article, "Here's to guitars, trumpets, tequila, and flashy shirts," (link to article) Mexican folk music singers have a special connection with Barabas Men. One of those is Saúl El Jaguar, who wears Barabas outfits in several of his videos . 

Saúl El Jaguar´s sleek style Barabas men blazer

 Having a big Mexican clientele is something we are very proud of; thus, today's this article is in honor of Saúl Alarcón's (El Jaguar). Saúl was born in Delicias, state of Chihuahua (Mexico), on May 28, 1988. He is the thirteenth and last child of the Alarcón-Ruiz family, a charming young man with lots of charisma and sympathy. 


A difficult start

The story of Saúl Alarcón had a difficult start. He grew up amid a large, close-knit, and loving family where no one had previously shown musical interests. Nevertheless, since he was a little boy, he revealed his affinity for music. When he was just three years old, he delighted family and friends with his sweet voice, receiving coins as a prize in exchange. 


Saúl El Jaguar´s sleek style Barabas men blazer



Life in the ranch

He was part of a family with minimal resources, and while he lived on a ranch, Saúl learned to work in farm-related tasks such as milking cows and riding horses. This allowed him to help his family and also to study. However, he never stopped singing at family and ranch parties. His dream and passion for singing were beginning to take shape.


Saúl El Jaguar´s sleek style Barabas men blazer dress shirts pants

Hustling to make a living

At the age of fifteen, he works in whatever job he can get, mostly as a local restaurant waiter. Fortunately, he also had the opportunity to alternate this job with a spontaneous singer, singing hits by different artists he admired. On one occasion, a regionally known ensemble performed there. Saúl asked the person in charge to allow him to get on and sing. The group owner was quite pleased with his performance, so he proposed that he be the solo singer of the entire presentation that day because the primary singer of the band was having trouble with his voice. 

Saúl El Jaguar´s sleek style Barabas men blazer dress shirts pants


Keeping the dream alive

These opportunities keep his dream of being able to make a living doing what he loves alive. At sixteen, he joined the northern music group "Los Ingratos" as the leading voice, with whom he sang throughout the Chihuahua region. He gains some experience and recognition with songs such as "Gracias por llamarme ahora" and "Tarde," which were local hits. After this initial recognition, he´s motivated to participate in a regional music contest, where he ultimately wins an award. His first award-winning song was "Cielo rojo", which translates "Red Sky."


Saúl El Jaguar´s sleek style Barabas men dress shirts and shoes

Determined to succeed

That's when he talks to his parents and tells them that he wants to go all-in with his music career. He tells them that he aspires to become a recognized singer and, consequently, intends to move to Mexico City. His parents were always very proud of him and very supportive. 


Saúl El Jaguar´s sleek style Barabas men blazer dress shirts pants

Life in the capital

His arrival in Mexico City was not easy. Without a sponsor, acquaintances, or funds to survive, he had to work in whatever he could find. Sometimes he even had to sleep under a bridge without any food in his stomach. The will to get his break as a singer was his focus. Needless to say, he had moments of despair. But despite this, returning to his village was not an option. He did not abandon his dream and managed to stay afloat by working as a painter, waiter, packer, or washing cars.


His big break

His opportunity began to develop when Dulce Canseco, Yuri Valenzuela's mother, and manager, supported him and gave him advice. She even allowed him to live in an apartment of her own. Shortly after, he recorded a duet album with Yamily, Yuri's sister. That first opportunity did not achieve a significant impact, despite the production's excellent vocal quality. 


Onward and upward

Nonetheless, he continued singing duets, which led him to perform with various Mexican music figures, such as Ulises Quintero. With Ulises, he achieved popularity with "El katch", one of greatest hit songs. In this song, lyrics relate to a young man wearing flashy clothes and accessories, much as he does. "El katch" opened some doors for him in the United States, and eventually, Universal Music produced his first solo work.


"El Jaguar" is born

In the United States, Saúl meets Erasmo Macías who would later become his manager and mentor for some time. El Jaguar considers Macías as his "godfather." In fact, he was the one who came up with the nickname "El Jaguar", due to his energetic and resolute attitude during his presentations. Macías believed in Saúl and saw in him a new emerging talent. That's why he invited him to perform along with other renowned artists at a festival called "La Palma de Oro," where he received recognition. The young interpreter's career was beginning to take off at a quick pace.


Life after fame

The rest is history. Since then, El Jaguar has had countless presentations at concerts, dances, fairs, festivals, and private exhibitions throughout Mexico and the United States. He has ten record productions so far and countless hit singles. He treats his albums as his "babies" and is always working on his next show. Recently, he has expanded performances to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.


El Jaguar's Barabas wardrobe

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