The Best Everyday Loungewear

Listen up, guys: loungewear is the trend of the year.

Not only is everyone spending more time at home these days, but men also want to dress more casually at the office and out on the town. Loungewear that’s comfortable and stylish is key to looking good — and feeling great — wherever you go this season. 

Stylish loungewear has truly become a wardrobe essential. Our culture is “dressing down” more and more — and that is especially true in our current stay-at-home world — but it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you should dress sloppily. It’s one thing to dress casually, and another to be indecent. Premium, luxurious loungewear is what bridges this gap, allowing you to go all-in on comfort while retaining a done-up, fashionable look that is appropriate for everyday life.

When selecting loungewear, remember that you aren’t purchasing pajamas or underwear. You should ask yourself: Would I wear this in public? Would I feel confident if my boss or co-workers saw me in this? Can I imagine myself going on a date wearing this? If you can answer yes to those questions, you know you’ve found a solid option. 

 Luckily, finding versatile loungewear that’s comfortable, without compromising style, won’t be difficult. At Barabas, we have the best premium loungewear for men who want easy pieces that look good, feel better, and are suitable for their full lifestyle — from home, to work, dating, fun and travel.


Two easy pieces

  We bring a cool, youthful streetwear sensibility to loungewear with our “Transpose” collection. The two-piece set is comfortable and stylish — allowing you to dress up or down, and switch up your look to suit the occasion.

  The convenient loungewear set includes a pair of pants and a jacket in high-quality velour, available in the color of your choice (more on color — and styling tips — later). 



 Barabas Men Printed Design  Lounge wear


With our reversible jacket design, you get two completely different looks for the price of one. That means you can easily switch up your look to suit your mood with just one piece! 

Put on the solid-colored jacket for a more professional look at the office, then turn it inside out and head to a dinner date while showing off our sexy, classy print. Are you a traveler? Save valuable packing space with this two-in-one design. Are you a busy man with a lot of places to be? Change up your look en-route between meetings, lunches and events, so you’re appropriately dressed wherever you show up.

These reversible loungewear sets are easy to wear and totally versatile, allowing you to switch up your look at the drop of a hat, and dress up or down for any occasion. The pants in each set will always match the top, no matter which side of the jacket you’re showing off. All this to say, you can look great with minimal effort!

Transpose” loungewear sets are available in signature Barabas colors:

- Gold is a great way to really stand out. This vibrant and chic color pops, and makes a striking statement — which we love!




 Barabas man Lounge wear JJ900 gold


- Navy is classic and sophisticated. It goes well with almost any other color, which means pairing it with a shirt is easy.





Barabas man Lounge wear JJ900 Navy  


- Our rich red is sensuous and adventurous, for a bold man who likes a little danger.




 Barabas man Lounge wear JJ900 Red


- Charcoal grey is an easy, neutral masculine tone — and it really makes the elegant jacket print stand out, as well as the trim detail on the collar and waist. 


 Barabas man Lounge wear JJ900 grey


- Our vivid white is super sophisticated, clean and polished — great for both a day in the sun and a night out on the town.
Barabas man Lounge wear JJ900 white



- Black is the ultimate versatile color. Equal parts classic, sexy and stylish, you can’t go wrong with this flattering shade. 

 Barabas man Lounge wear JJ900 Black



Our two-piece “Repose” set is a sure way to bring a little luxury into your lifestyle. The gold rhinestone shine and texture of this jogger set will make you feel like a rock star.

 Barabas men lounge wear black gold STM4000




With the comfort of sweats and a luxurious, eye-catching look, you can introduce a little swagger into your everyday wardrobe.


Separate essentials

Balance out your closet with our essential “Opulence” tops and bottoms — available as separate pieces, or as a set. The solid black and navy tones make these pieces easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

 Barabas men lounge wear SJ100 Navy gold



Barabas men Lounge wear SJ100 Black  

  Barabas men Lounge wear SJ100 Black


Easy to style, easy to wear

The slim fit of our jackets is flattering to the body and gives this loungewear a done-up vibe, so that you can feel just as confident wearing it out as you do in the privacy of your own home.

 You can dress our loungewear pants and jackets up with a nice buttoned shirt, in either a complimentary or matching tone. Think blue on blue (like this elegant Rose Garden shirt with our navy Transpose jacket). You can also match your jacket to the dominant color in a fun printed shirt. This Toco Toucan shirt, with vibrant red flowers, would look great under one of our red Transpose jackets.

 Or — if you’re feeling a little more daring — try clashing color combinations. This eye-catching (and trendy!) styling technique can lead you to discover surprising combinations.

 For example, try wearing this Juniper shirt under one of our jackets, with the printed side facing out, for a striking combination. It may seem like a lot at first, but clashing prints is one of the hottest fashion trends for a reason: it really makes a statement!

 Last but certainly not least, you can pair our loungewear with your new mask — to stay on-trend and safely covered! Try matching your jacket to the primary color of one of our vibrant printed face coverings. For example, this sunny mask would look great with our gold lounge jacket!

 Build up your wardrobe this year with stylish and practical loungewear that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking great anytime, anywhere — from day to night, and from your home to the streets!

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