Step stylishly into different occasions with Barabas men blazers and suit

A Few years ago, blazers and suits wear only suitable and recognized as formal wears and can only suit a few occasions like dinner, interview, board meeting, weddings etc. However, thanks to the ever evolving and advancing fashion world, with the appropriate styling and combination with other clothing and accessories, you can get heads turning with a nice blazer or suit jacket for any occasion today.

Styling a blazer for any occasion requires some touch of creativity, being spontaneous and beauty. These and more is what you get at Barabas  men’s formal wear collection. Are you out to dress up like any of your favorite celebrity? Let’s get you all styled up and ready for your next big occasion. Here are some statement making blazers and suit you would be glad to add to your wardrobe:

  • Statement Chocolate/ Bronze Suit: This is a pair of pants and suit perfectly tailored to suit your frame and stature. Made for the best quality and body-friendly materials, statement chocolate suit is designed to give you the best experience; over the roof confidence and satisfying compliments from admirers. You need not worry about finding a perfect size because we have it available in an array of sizes and perfectly tailored for each size. To launder this breath-taking piece, you should dry clean. This suit and pant is available in other colors like white and gold, gold and royal.


Features of Statement chocolate/ bronze suit

  1. Body frame fit
  2. Single breast pocket
  3. Original Interior design
  4. Complimentary Barabas men pin
  5. Peak lapel
  6. 100% polyester
Stepp stylishly into different occasions with Barabas men blazers and suit
  • Complimentary Black: This piece of suit and pants certainly lives up to expectation. In it you can be assured of some statement making hotness and beautiful compliments from friends and strangers alike. Manufactured from a top quality fabric, this set feels comfortable against the body and gives you a model look when you have it on. We have it in about ten different sizes and other colors like burgundy and white. To get the best of our complimentary suit piece, do not tumble dry, rather, dry clean.

Features of complimentary red

  • Solid Satin Shine
  • Single breast pocket
  • Body frame fit
  • Two front fasten buttons
  • Original interior design
  • Barabas men complimentary pin
  • Peak lapel
Stepp stylishly into different occasions with Barabas men blazers and suit
  • Sail away with me: wondering what the appropriate statement making blazer for a dinner date, wedding party, award ceremony or even your prom night, this is just the right point of call. With a shimmering outlook and soothing feeling, you can walk into any hall with our sail away with me blazer for just about any occasion. To care for this piece, it is recommended that you dry clean. Available from small size to three extra large sizes and color black.

Features of Sail away with me

  • Long sleeve blazer jacket
  • Lapel collar
  • 50% rayon; 44%; 6% Spandex, Textron Viscose lining
  • Well-tailored breast and hip pockets


Stepp stylishly into different occasions with Barabas men blazers and suit



  • Three Pointer Gold: tired of boring plain jackets and need some spice in your wardrobe; three point gold is a patterned three piece suit that gives you a complete celebrity look and get heads turning. This blazer is available in different sizes and perfectly tailored to fit every type of body shape. The only thing you need to worry about for this piece set is a beautiful white or black shirt. Check out three point gold suit set in other beautiful colors like gold, red and black.

Features of three point gold

  • Matching pants, signature blazer and vest
  • Peak lapel
  • 3- piece suits
  • Two front button fastenings
  • 7% polyester, 13.4% Nylon, 11.9% wire
  • Fabric care: dry clean


Stepp stylishly into different occasions with Barabas men blazers and suit


  • Snazzy: this is a complete the look piece that comes in pants and jacket set. Snazzy is a black and white striped design that is made from the best quality material that suits the most sensitive type of skin. The jacket is tailored in a runway model kind out shape and perfectly fits in all the right places. Barabas men collection is always available in different type of sizes, so irrespective of your shape or size, we have got you covered. This is just the perfect for any type of dress up party or holiday since it’s made in black and white which can fit into any setting.

Features of Snazzy complete suit set

  • Lapel collar
  • Long sleeve
  • Black and white striped design
  • Single front welt breast pocket
  • Perfectly tailored double hip pocket
  • Narrow point to point shoulder measurement and higher armholes
  • 50% rayon; 44% Nylon; 6% Spandex, Textron viscose lining
  • Fabric care; dry clean only


Stepp stylishly into different occasions with Barabas men blazers and suit


 Statement making ways to style blazer or suit jackets for different occasions

  • Ditch the regular collared neck shirt and tie for some fun: include some spice in your outlook by ditching the regular collared shirt and tie combo to settle for a basic cotton shirt. However, note that a patterned suit or blazer requires a plain shirt while the decision for a plain blazer is totally up to you.
  • Complete suit and pants set with turtle neck shirt: the holiday is fast approaching, you can get all covered and warm yet stylish. Look no further than a long sleeved knit turtle neck shirt, sneakers or dress shoes if you’d like. The most important factor for styling yourself in preparation for any occasion is creativity.   
  • Blazer, jean, shirt, and brogue boots: this rocks when you need to rush out for a last-minute client meeting, a date or a walk at night. This immediately gives you a smart casual outlook that can fit into any gathering and occasion.


Grace your wardrobe collection with some of our statement making blazers and suit, that’s what your favorite celebrities do. Don’t wait until there is an occasion that demands a piece of suit or blazer, you should always be prepared for impromptu meetings, dinners dates etc., Barabas’ formal wear collection always got you covered.