The Only 5 Pants Every Guy Needs

It is not for nothing that pants are considered to be the Swiss Army Knife in a man's wardrobe. Changeable, versatile to combine, and always an eye-catcher. You can't go wrong with pants. It is therefore quite understandable that every man should own at least one or two pairs of pants. We have put together four trendy pants styles for you this season. The styles include a good mix of cutting-edge, trendy cuts and classic, timeless cuts.


One thing is also clear, you will not like every style. But it doesn't have to be. Because it is precisely for this reason that there is finally a selection of five trendy pants styles in 2021, there should also be something suitable for your taste. Otherwise, of course, I'm interested in how you prefer to wear your pants and what other items of clothing you prefer to combine them with.


1) Checkered Pants

Checkered Pants

Your wardrobe can go through a quick makeover with checkered pants. These pants are unique and make a bold impression anywhere you wear them. They are elegant yet classy in the same way which could add a little classiness to your elegant personality. They can be combined with a shirt, or a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers to provide you the ultimate look. These pants are formal and informal at the same time, it depends upon the other accessories you have worn with them. The best combination though is pairing Barabas checkered pants with sweaters or button-down shirts.


2) Chino Pant

Chino Pants

Chino pants have been one of the favorites of men since their arrival in the fashion industry. The combination of perfect formal and informal dress is what a Chino pant provides you apart from the comfort. The Barabasmen collection has some insanely good texture of Chino pants, and the collection is one of our most favorite.

These Chino pants come with an elastic band for better fittings. Made from high-quality fabric, these pants are suitable for an office meeting and even a date on the shores of a beach. To achieve this, the chino pants are best combined with a pair of sturdy boots, a cotton t-shirt, and a striped blazer mens.

Alternatively, you can combine the jeans with a simple white T-shirt and a pair of low-top sneakers in a wonderfully modern way. Add a black, minimalist leather jacket, and the casual, casual look for the weekend is ready.


3) The Blue Jeans

Dark Blue Denim

This variant of jeans is considered a classic. Originated when jeans emerged from the wardrobes of cowboys and railroad workers to conquer the mainstream. The origin as "workers trousers" can still be seen clearly, with a straight, wide cut. Less body-hugging and shaping, more purpose-fulfilling. With a vintage touch, it is a classic through and through. In my opinion, the ideal basis for a solid workwear look.

The jeans are the other essential of the male wardrobe. For work, we choose it in a sober version, raw indigo or black, without embroidery, inscriptions, or other fantasies. It will go very well with a t-shirt and a jacket, as well as with a shirt and a suit jacket. But once out of the office, jeans can show off all styles!

But don't worry, even as a "non-rock star" you can wear this type of jeans wonderfully. A classic white T-shirt, boots, and a black leather jacket, that's all it takes to bring a little rock star feeling into everyday life. Alternatively, the jeans also work very well with a tight-fitting sweater. In general, you should make sure that the outerwear does not stick out too much. Otherwise, the ratio of tight-fitting jeans to a wide top looks very unfavorable.


4) Slim Fit Black Jeans

Slim Fit Black Jeans

Slim fit and skinny cuts are still very popular in 2021. However, it is difficult to find the right copy. This should look interesting on the one hand, but not be too conspicuous. It should fit well, but not be too tight. But above all, she should be able to bring herself into every outfit. For this reason, jeans that rely on stretch slim or stretch skinny are particularly popular this season.

These can be combined like any other pair of jeans. However, you should make sure that the items of clothing that are combined are not too loose, but that they fit accordingly. Otherwise, it can happen that the jeans emphasize your legs wonderfully; your upper body looks bloated like a Michelin man. Not quite as convincing. Or what do you mean?


5) Joggers


Everyone wants good cotton joggers, but if you think they are limited to the gym, you are wrong. Joggers if worn nicely can be paired with different clothes just like a simple denim jacket, and believe it or not it looks marvelous. Many people consider joggers as workout cloth, but they can be often used with t-shirts for an informal outing or even a date. Unless you work in certain sectors where suits are mandatory, chinos are a good compromise between elegance and relaxation when going to work. We choose it in a wise, khaki or navy blue version, in a summer version, in beige or mastic color, but we can also dare to choose it green, yellow or lavender! The best part about the joggers is that they are the most comfortable set of pants you will ever have, and this makes them one of the best pants you must have.

So these are some of the types of pants we recommend you to get in your wardrobe. We suggest you have a look at Barabasmen's collection of finest chinos, checkered pants, and jeans. Again, everything will depend on the budgets and what you are looking for, but we have made a small listing that should give you something to dig for a while.


Last tip: prefer a braided belt, in leather or canvas, to dress your chinos: you will gain in elegance! In the register of canvas pants, the style cargo, with its two large patch pockets at mid-thigh, is making a comeback. Resolutely relaxed, inspired by artisan pants, we choose it for the comfort of its loose fit, but we reserve it for moments of relaxation.