Men's Fashion Essentials 2021

Fashion trends influence the way we look at things. It dictates our style choices and clothing purchases.

This is why any brand, any designer, any influencer, and any fashion journalist must try to understand the essentials that will forge fashion from 2021. For men who do not know where to start when it comes to creating a wardrobe fashion, it is essential to start with the basic premium mens clothing.

So I present to you some essential pieces and accessories to build your looks. These must-haves can be worn all year round or almost any season. In addition, they do not go out of fashion, which is good considering the era of fast fashion in which we live.


Lounge-wear (or home-wear)

Checkered Lounge Wear

We have never spent as much time at home as in 2020. This accelerated the adoption of lounge-wear (or home-wear), these comfortable clothes created to be worn at home.

We can see this style in two ways:

  • They are everyday clothes made more comfortable, to be comfortable at home;
  • These are pajamas made more elegant to be worn during the day.
  • As telecommuting seems to be here to stay (at least for one or two days a week), lounge-wear is not going to go away.


A more relaxed style in the office

Long Sleeved T-shirt

The style of clothes that men wear in the office has changed a lot. The work uniform of the executives tends towards relaxation, the casual. Ties are disappearing and Friday wear is no longer limited to Friday. Even bankers and consultants replace the suit for the shirt/jeans or the T-shirt. The Silicon Valley startup style is spreading. Above all, you have to be well in your pumps. This is the idea of: "come to work as you are and as you feel comfortable."

This is the bet I made when I launched GoudronBlanc in 2011: little by little, men will drop the suit and replace it with T-shirts. And for that, men need a high-quality T-shirt. This is the Barabasmen T-shirt.


A suit

Dark Suit

Whether for a special occasion or work, it will always be practical to have a beautiful quality suit at your fingertips. A suit is the best formal outfit available for formal works. But the benefit is that it can also be worn at informal events.



The refined slipper

Black Dotted Slippers

Inspired by international cultures, slippers merge the comfort of indoor shoes with that of traditional shoes. Soft slippers with or without back feature a woven upper, cord, or stitched leather sole. One-tone suede options with minimal detailing capture the softness of the look from a more formal perspective.


The Polo Shirt

Polo T-shirt

The comfortable look relies on sporty outfits. The polo shirt is indispensable and welcome this year. As a sporty and comfortable alternative to a shirt, it can be combined in many ways and always looks masculine and stylish, even in larger sizes. The top button of the collar is left open. Because similar to the V-neck, a strong neck and neck look slimmer. The classic polo can be combined with both chinos and jeans.


Sunglasses with style

It may seem a little too early to start thinking about sunglasses. But let's be completely honest, you should call your own sensible sunglasses. Even when the sun isn't shining. In 2021, round shapes are particularly popular for sunglasses, either continuously circular or with the corresponding tapering. Of course, it has to suit you. Incidentally, I find shades of brown at least appealing as monotonous black.


Stylish wristwatch for 2021 hours

In 2021, gold wristwatches, or at least those with gold details, are a real eye-catcher. The light of the sun can be wonderfully caught and shine in it. However, you shouldn't overdo it, as the color of the watch should match the rest of the accessories a little. As a little tip, gold watch - other accessories also in the same color; silver watch - accessories also in silver. A chic automatic watch is certainly not a bad choice in 2021. Or what do you mean?


Light scarf in strong colors

One of the trend accessories in 2021 should be a light scarf in bold colors. But in addition to its warming function in the transitional period, which lasts until October ... above all, it brings a little style to your own look. In addition to strong colors and materials that breathe, it is important to make sure that the scarf is a certain length. Currently, longer is better, if only for the reason that the scarf is more eye-catching.


Tie with print - attract attention in the office

If you want to loosen up your office look a little, then you don't necessarily fall back on a light scarf. Here you should start changing something with the tie. There are now silk or cotton ties with a wide variety of structures and prints on the market, these are the right choice if you want to add some color to your office outfit. Of course, the same applies here: a black suit and neon yellow tie don't go well with each other. But a subtly patterned or with a fine print tie can loosen up your style. However, you should make sure that it blends in well with your outfit.


Concerning the color, you should make sure that it can be found in other pieces of the outfit and that it does not catch the eye. It is better not to choose a strong neon green. You should also be more cautious with patterns on your scarf, as a light scarf with circles, for example, does not necessarily go well with a striped shirt.