6 Casual Outfits for Men to Wear on Their First Date

If are going on a date for the first time then it is important for you to look presentable and attractive with premium mens clohting to get a better first impression. Many men get confused in deciding what to wear, so we at Barabas men will provide you better suggestions for your date night. Here are 6 casual outfits for men to wear on a date night.


Woo her in a white shirt

Man With a White Shirt

To have the first impression is very important for a first-time date. No woman in the world will neglect the charm of this sharp white classic shirt. The white shirt is the most common fashion staple of premium mens clothing for a man and if worn properly it can instantly make you a fashion guru.

Most women get attracted to a man who wore a white shirt. A plain white shirt is one of the important attire for your wardrobe collection and even for your date night. It will give a stylish look to your style and you will feel confident about wearing them.

Well to make an easy and effortless look, you just need to pair your white shirt with distressed jeans and always go for skinny jeans rather than baggy ones. Now complete your attire with black or white shoes.


Step into print paradise

If you know how to work out with the printed half-sleeved shirts perfectly then there no bad time for you. When you are going on a date for the first time then it's best to have the option of a printed shirt as it can help you to be subtle yet statement-making. No matter if it's a shirt, t-shirt, or a jacket with printed or patterned style, if you know how to match them with your style and pairing them with the right wears then there is no problem for you.

Choose a printed variant of your choice and pair them with light color chinos and finish your look with brogues or Oxfords to make perfect attire for your date night. If you are going out on the beach with your partner, try to put a t-shirt underneath the printed half-sleeved shirt. Get a pair of shorts and finish your look with Converse! The best way to attract your partner.


Black for the win

Black is every man's favorite color for sure! Agree or not black is always a winner if we talk about party night or date night, also it gives you an attractive look and gives an eye-catching look to your style. 

The black color gives a long-lasting impression wherever you go and also it is a classic shade for your wardrobe collection. If you don't like bright colors then black is the best option for you and you can pair them with any style, still, it will look classy. To create a perfect street style try to connect with a casual tee paired with black skinny jeans, boots, and a denim jacket. Well, choosing a black outfit does not need much time to decide its pairing. If you want attire in a timeless manner then go for white casual tees and pair them with black skinny jeans with white or black sneakers.


Say 'yes' to Polo t-shirts

Man With a Yellow Polo Shirt

The Polo t-shirt is one of the oldest and most common choices for a man. Earlier it was just made as sportswear but now it has its own place in the fashion market.

Wearing a gold polo shirts gives you a gentlemen look and it is very comfortable to wear if you a perfect size for your body. Its high-quality fabrics can help in reducing sweating when you wear them in the summers. When you wear them on date night it will give you a presentable and clean look to your style that every woman likes in a man.

These simple-looking gold polo shirts will always give you a cool-guy look and its fashion will never fade off.

If you want to give a manly appeal to your look, try to match your polo t-shirt with a pair of dad jeans. But if you focus on having a casual look then pair your t-shirt with ankle-length jeans and add matching loafers with it.

If you want a different look then find straight cut woolen pants and tuck in your polo t-shirt and choose dress shoes or Oxfords to complete your attire.


Blue suit combinations for a dapper look

Well, it's normal to have a casual look for your date, but if have a different taste then you can also go for semi-casuals that will definitely give you a polished and smart look to your style. It can be a perfect match for your date night.

The best suggestion will be to have a sharp blue suit that will get you extra points from a special partner and it is also important if you are planning for the second and the third date. After black and white, blue should be an important color for your wardrobe collection, whether it's a blue shirt or blue suit. If you select a blues suit for your date night, add them with a hoodie topped off underneath your suit, and remember to get a contrasting color for your hoodie so that it can glow your attire.

If are not a hoodie guy then go for a white t-shirt inside your blue suit, add blue-colored skinny chinos and white sneakers also.


Denim for men

The first and the best choice for any age of man is denim. It is the fixed choice for your wardrobe collection and if you don't have one then it is suggested to have one. Denim is not just about its high-quality fabric but also its style statement. Well, you can pair pretty much anything with your denim and it will look good. Young guys often do experiments with different pairings with the denim and every attire looks cool with it.

If you're choosing a denim jacket, add them with a t-shirt, neutral-hued shorts, and a sneaker, also you can get a baseball cap to complete your style. But in place of a jacket if you are choosing a denim shirt then just go for black skinny jeans and a white sneaker and all this will give you a perfect dashing look and also you will look attractive in front of your partner.

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