7 Versatile Shirt Types to Stand Out

Shirts are one of the important clothing wear that can give you full comfort along with a classy look to match your style. Mens red designer shirts are staple wear for every man's wardrobe. Wearing a well-fitted shirt to your attire can provide you a better first impression and also it can give you a confidence while attending any event or party. Here are 7 versatile shirt types to stand out.

Man Wearing a Black Jacket

1. Oxford cloth button-down shirt

Well, these kinds of clothes are made up of basket weave fabric and they are normally thicker than formal shirts. You can find a variety of colours in Oxford button-down shirts, also their rich texture makes them a perfect choice for your closet. These versatile shirts are known for their buttons that are used for holding the collar in a place.

These shirts are the best choice for any man as they can provide you a perfect balance between smart and casual. You can pair them with chinos or brogues.


2. Dress shirt

If you love compliments, then this dress shirt is the best option for you. A dress shirt tucked in a matching tuxedo will glow your style and is the best attire to grab the crowd's attention in any event you visit.

One of the best choices for any important celebration, it comes with a cutaway collar and French cuffs that make you look attractive. It can help you to glow with any matching formal attire. Just add a tie or bow as a finishing touch with your mens red designer shirt.


3. Flannel shirt

Men wearing white shirt

A cool and casual shirt, just a perfect match for your style statement. For men who love to show their style and are actually looking for any fashionable shirt then flannel shirts can be their best choice.

These shirts are made up of cotton or wool and are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. These are non-formal shirts that you can wear for any vacation, picnic trip, or enjoying with friends. Flannel prints give a chilling vibe to your style and due to their fabric, they can give you good insulation.

You can match them with a white t-shirt and ripped denim jeans along with a boot or any shoes of your choice.


4. Denim shirt

The first and the best choice for any man is the denim shirt. These shirts are always the first option for your wardrobe collections. These shirts have a distinct style and you can use them in many ways due to their tough design, also they can go for years if maintained properly.

Well, with regular use the color of denim can fade but it will always provide you a dapper look. The best way to use this shirt is to pair them with blue denim jeans and white tees. You can also use chinos or other jeans but always go for a darker one that can match the shirt.

These are casual shirts that you can wear as party wear or if you are traveling with your friends or family. It gives a classy look to your style and will definitely attract everyone.


5. Linen shirts

The Linen shirts are the next fashion obsession. These shirts are mainly used in summers due to their breathable and airy fabrics. One of the best choices for your wardrobe, investing in these shirts is worth every penny.

These shirts are thinner than the denim shirts and perfect wear for your summer collection. These pastel linen shirts are mainly paired with khakis or any light colour jeans. Always try to choose light colour pants with this attire because if you go for a darker one, it will give you a dull look to your style.

Wearing them on summer vacations or when you are on the beach will definitely attract some eyeballs. Linen shirts are very comfortable to wear and also they are very light in weight so that you can enjoy the summer season most thoroughly.


6. Camp collared short sleeve shirt

These shirts are currently trending in the market due to its versatility and coolness. These classic short sleeve shirts with a spread collar will be the first choice for most of the man in summer season. You can find a variety of solid colours in this wear; also you can see printed options. So, its your job to pick a colour choice according to your likings and enjoy your summer with a classy look. Well, these summer staple shirts can be paired with shorts or jeans depend upon what occasion you are wearing them.

To give a chill look you can choose loafers instead of shoes. These are versatile shirts that you can wear anywhere other than your formal meetings.


7. Polo shirt

Grey Polo Shirt

Every gentleman’s first choice will be the polo shirt. These premium polo shirts can be used for both formal and informal events. If you creating your personal wardrobe then including polo shirt is a must. It is recommended for everyone to at least have a few pair of premium polo shirts with them, because these shirts are versatile in use and also gives you a lot comfort while wearing.

Polo shirts are one of the iconic and oldest brand in man's wear. Earlier it was made for sportswear for tennis. It has its own place in the fashion world of shirts. They are not fully formal and are easy to wash and also easy to dry.

A polo shirt gives a freedom to complete its attire to anything from shorts to sweatpants, from jeans to trousers. You can match these shirts with any lower wear and they be give you a perfect and presentable look.

These shirts are made of woven fabric and come with a pointed collar that will give you a confident to wear the shirt with full comfort.

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