It's summer! We’ve Got 4 Ultimate Shorts To Ace Your Look

Every man wants to have comfortable shorts in their closet. However, we all wonder how to wear shorts to pull them off for various outings. Whether a shirt and shorts can be paired along? Or a formal shirt will do the magic? And what footwear is great with shorts? Such questions can crash into your head, and if they are then keep on reading and know more about the shorts styling. 

Shorts are a good bet for men during summers and monsoon. If you’re going on a trip or you need to relax on weekends, never give a second thought to shorts. They are always appropriate. It’s obvious that in summers you don’t want to quibble in body hugging clothes, similarly in monsoons you don’t want to bring down your favorite trousers, and go through the drying process; make it stress-free by wearing shorts. At BARABAS we provide you ultimate comfort and what better way to do it by making you read this. 

Yes, this is about shorts, but wait what type of shorts? Well, let us give you a print! Printed shorts for men are in real vogue these days. We’ve compiled a list of 4 printed shorts that you should not miss out this season. So, stay tuned before we give you any spoilers about the knee-hugging glory.


4 types of shorts for men: trendy ideas for chic outfits


    Most of the men look for trends, and investing in a good pair of shorts is all what is needed to embrace fashion. BARABAS men’s printed floral, sunflower, butterfly and medusa shorts will surely take your heart away. You can wear them on Saturdays, pair them with a linen shirt and you’re all set to go! What is best about these shorts is that they don’t disappear easily, hence stay with you for a longer period. When going for a beach party SOLEIL ATTRACTION shorts will never disappoint you when worn with the same patterned BARABAS men’s rhinestone printed crew neck shirt. Jaws of the footwear go for THE PRINCE loafers. Damn! You look awesome now. Make sure your socks don’t show off. It’s fashion!

Printed Shorts for Men
    Earlier wearing shorts was a necessity than fashion, worn when spending time on the beach or playing some form of sport. The idea behind this was to keep cool during summers. However, with years passing fashion has changed, shorts now have become an important part of men’s fashion. Nowadays we see shorts from the beach to business. They are not only worn as a shield to feel cool in summers but they have grab space in casual and formal wear. BARABAS men’s printed floral, tiger, toucan bird shorts are swiveling around, they are casual, but can provide a unique urban look. To style it you can pair it with a regular fit t-shirt MARINA. Finish off your look with GOLD STONES SLIPPER. To create this style visit our website and make a fair deal!
regular fit t-shirt

    Are you a proud all-black fan? Anyways. Black is almost everyone’s favorite. Btw we’ve a phenomenal item for you; a medusa, crown and floral print on the black shorts. We don’t think it will thwart you. ROYALITY STATUS is just another example of casual or beachwear items. These shorts are more relaxed and will definitely give you some eyes popping contrast when paired with PANTHER t-shirts. Go smart in this incredible look and pair it with your black slip-ons for an organized look that’s all matched. Buy this outfit from BARABAS and bowl over in an all black outfit.

Black Printed Shorts for Men


    Printed shorts are the essence of contemporary prints for men. It’s casual to wear, easy to carry and super fun to style. These tiger and floral print shorts are a classic example of fusion print. This type of print can be easily pulled off at a beach party or a pool party. Style it with a white linen shirt and black slip-on and sunglasses. Also, if you can chuck some beaded bracelet, you’re good to go. If arranged properly, your entire ensemble and confidence will go hand in hand. Furthermore, if you embellish this with ABSTRACT t-shirt and SILVER STONE SLIPPER the entire look will fall right into place. 


We hope this blog was helpful to you. 

Decide your outfit accordingly as you plan your summer wardrobe.

Having a pair of printed shorts in your closet that too came out only when you’re planning a holiday, not anymore. Now you can wear them as a part of casual and sometimes as formals. Says fashion. So, choose your shorts made of the finest natural material for breathable skin. It’s definitely geared up to become one of the most utilitarian grasps that you could ever have. It’s very adaptable, at its best and affordable, too!