7 Stylish Men’s Shoes That Every Man Should Own

 Shoes play a very essential role in every outfit. You should understand the value of the right shoes with the right attire; it can make or break your style, if not worn correctly. So it is important to have the right pair of shoes in your wardrobe so that you can balance your attire along with it. No matter if it's for a sports event or for any important event or occasion, your shoes can give you an edge to your dull style, also it gives a great comfort so that you can stand your style with full confidence. Here we have narrowed down the best selection of shoes that every gentleman should have if they want to look more attractive premium men’s clothing with their style.


Here are 7 stylish men's shoes that every man should own:




A pair of Brogue Oxford Shoes


There are so many types of dress shoes available in the market and the brogue shoes are the best option for that. Well, earlier it was designed in Ireland, the holes patterned in the brogue shoes are to help to drain water while crossing the bogs and swamps in muddy Ireland. In today's time, we see brogues with more respect. If you are going for any formal occasion then you can opt for dark brown brogues and for casual wear you can choose the lighter ones. Well, the black brogues look great with a suit but do not dare to wear them at a black-tie event.


Suede Chukka

Well, in the '40s the chukka has been a lot popular, but in recent times it has regained its popularity. The shape of these shoes is round-shaped from the toe, and they have an ankle-high boot with just two or three lacing eyelets. If you are in search of shoes for your wardrobe collection then you can opt for a pair of tan or cream suede chukkas for your collection. Well, wearing these shoes can give you an elegant alternative to your sneakers and you can pair them with jeans or chinos and you can choose a Polo t-shirt along with it to get a perfect look to your premium men’s clothing style. 


Leather Boot


A pair of Tan Leather Boots


One of the most common shoes that most of the gentleman loves to wear is his leather shoes and with continue wear the shoes began to tell its story. If you wear leather shoes regularly, the more you wear them the better it starts looking. Just one thing to keep in mind is that always keep your leather shoes away from the water because water can reduce the effect of leather and the shoes will start looking dull. The leather boots are the best winter wardrobe collection for men, you can opt for black or brown leather boots and cuff your pants for a casual smart premium men’s clothing look.


White Low Top Trainer

If you are looking for a casual outfit that can match your style then owning a white low-top trainer can give you a great look to your style. If you want to show your monochromatic look then low-tops are perfect when they are matched with black jeans. If you think that boots and chukkas are too much to wear then you can opt for the other best option that is a white low-top trainer that can offer you a neat and clean look to your style.




A Pair of Suede Loafers


Well, these shoes have originally come from the Scandinavian origin, the loafers were actually made to style the preppy culture but now it has become a streamlined fashion style. There are lots of people in the world who love to wear low and lace-free loafers that can give you smart casual dress attire and they are more common in the summers. We will suggest you get a pair of brown loafers that can give you both casual and formal looks.



Well, Oxfords are the first and the best choice for most of the man. The Oxford shoes have a design of a closed lacing system that is a bit different from the open lacing system of Derby shoes. The Oxford shoes are designed with plain leather but with the time changes the shoes also include a broad range of fabrics and detailing. Well, most of the men have already had at least one pair of black Oxford shoes for their formal occasion. If you are talking about casual wear then you can choose a tan color Oxford shoes to glow your casual style. 




White Sneakers


A pair of comfortable and stylish sneakers are the best option for any person for their wardrobe collection. If you think running sneakers are best then you should understand one thing that running sneakers are designed to feel good but they do not look more attractive. Whereas the casual sneakers are designed to look good and also they will give you great comfort when you wear them on street. Well, to show your versatility, you can opt for a shoe that has very minimal branding, so that it will give a neat and clean look to your style. But remember that you should know how to take care of your white sneaker so that you can use them for a longer period.