Summer Shoes All Men Should Own in 2021

“Devil lies in the detail” – For men, it lies in their footwear. If you look at a well-groomed man; their pair of speck and clean shoes is the most envious thing to observe. It would be fair to say that shoes are their ultimate fashion obsession. Most would go to admit that a major chunk of their wardrobe budget goes into creating that impressive sneaker collection and rightly so. 

As seasons transcend, it is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new summer shoe essentials. With the most coveted footwear brands competing to grace your feet in the sun; you should know all that you need to see before they entice you with their tempting men’s summer shoe trends 2021.

Here’s a quick list of summer shoes that every man should own in 2021 – 


It would simply be unfair to this magnificent footwear giant if we had begun this list with anything else. Whether you like them white or knitted, minimalistic or stylish; sneakers are a must-have shoes for all college guys and gentlemen out there. White canvas sneakers have become the new craze among all the summer shoes for men but you should definitely try out more variants to your wardrobe arsenal. You should definitely try out the stylish collection of Barabas Men Luxury Rhinestone Diamond Sneakers to add more style choices for parties and informal events.

Luxury Rhinestone Diamond Sneakers


The stylish Espadrilles with esparto rope soles are also among our top 5 shoe types that every man should own. Espadrilles can be flat or slightly high heeled with a cotton upper and flexible esparto rope sole. The best thing about this stylish summer shoe is that it is also very comfortable to wear on the hot summer days. These shoes are generally worn with jeans, shorts, chinos, shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts. 


To obtain a healthy balance between formal footwear and casual shoe collection, next on your list should be leather loafers. You can utilise loafers under a variety of outfits for diverse occasions from no-nonsense office events to lavish wedding celebrations. It is one of the most attractive shoes on guys that everyone should own. Ideally, you should at least have a pair of brown leather loafers to go with your formal suits and stylish, printed pieces for more fashionable parties and events. You should try out the Barabas Old Timer for business loafers and the signature My Loafers for floral designs with leather lining.

Business Loafers for Men

Chelsea Boot

Irrespective of seasons, Chelsea boots are among the first few shoes that come to our mind whenever we think about formal footwear. It is an ageless classic that most women still find attractive in a man. Every man must have worn Chelsea boots at least once with any of the formal wear but what many don’t realize is the fact that they look amazingly well with casual chinos and jeans as well. 


In derbies, leather facings through which the laces go through are stitched on top of the shoe vamp. Derbies are not limited to summer but all year round in places with moderate temperatures but can be avoided particularly in the monsoon. The best part is that you can easily style them up or dress them down depending on the occasion. Derbies can also be a great summer shoe choice with shorts when you aren’t up for sandals or flip-flops. We usually recommend wearing no-show socks with derbies whether you style them with suits or chino shorts.  

Sandals/Slip-on Slippers

While they are not everyone’s usual favorites like loafers or branded sneakers; a pair of comfortable men’s sandals are a must have for your summer shoe collection. For instance, flip-flops remain the ideal wear for the beach while leather slip-on sandals offer you a versatile style choice. On the other edge, you can also check out the iconic Barabas’ The Prince slippers with Medusa head motif as a unique and elegant piece in your shoe collection.

silk and cotton slippers


The trending brown brogue is another shoe style that all men should own. The versatile outdoor shoe can very well serve as a stylish summer staple. If you are not too confident about their signature perforations on the upper side then also go for a semi or quarter-brogue wingtips. You can wear popular shades of brogue shoes with almost all sorts of pants including woollen trousers, denim jeans, tailored suit pants as well as the neutral-shade chino pants.

Stylish Dress Shoes

While a couple decent pairs of Chelsea boots, loafers or sneakers may suffice for your everyday dress code for college and work; you can’t be dragging the same set of shoes to all your proms, date nights and parties as well. Your stylish blazer outfits also deserve an equally sophisticated pair of Barabas Men dress shoes with leather lining and leather sole.

Men dress shoes

Chukka Boots

The ankle-high chukka boots are another important pair of shoes that you must have in your footwear collection. They are also referred to as desert boots owing to their suitability even for the harsh deserts. Compliment your usual summer outfit including dark wash denim jeans and a white t-shirt with simple and sophisticated chukka boots. It gives you a refreshing yet polished look.   You can go in for either out of suede chukka boots or leather chukka boots as your new summer shoes. 

Monk Strap 

It is not a technical summer essential but with so many lace variants, we thought why not end the list with the stylish monk strap shoes.  For the unversed, monk strap shoes replace laces with buckles or straps and finally get rid of all the opening and tying lacing hustles. Monk strap shoes come in three major variants including single, double and triple strap.


Summer shoes literally derive the entire vibe of your outfit. It can either lay a strong foundation to your fashion quotient or mess up your entire look with one silly pairing. Finding the right pair is definitely worth the effort and your cash but you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket either to buy the most expensive shoes out there. As you gear up to welcome the summer sun, it is also time to unapologetically add some affordably stylish new variants to your footwear wardrobe. We hope that this detailed list helps you in exploring the right summer shoes and expand your impressive shoe collection. 

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