How To Look Trendy This Year? 5 Menswear One Should Be Having In Their Closet

There is a common misconception that blindly following a trend will make you look cool or a stud. Don’t get misled by this because this is certainly not going to work. Wearing the stuff out in the world without even realizing how it looks, in that case you’re spawning for a poor style. So, be aware of the difference between fleeting fads and the future classics. Just to give you the right direction, we’ve selected some outfits to hook into your wardrobe. Also, we will steer you about what will go best with these trendy outfits.  

Nowadays people are more into bright colors, symbolic patterns such as flowers or the lines, and oversized clothes, not to mention it is a comeback of the forgotten trend. They were comfortable and stylish at the same time. So it’s time to buy clothes that were swallowed up from your closet long ago. Scroll down through this guide to know the best bits to buy stuff from each trend. 


Men’s Fashion Trend to Embrace in 2021

Printed Shorts

Getting ready in summers and don’t wanting to wrangle with those tight denim jeans, shorts can make a way out. By the way, they’re every man’s favorite and needed in each of their wardrobes. If you’re the one who loves experimenting, investing in a pair of printed shorts is a perfect way to style it with comfort. Plain shorts may go out of trend but the printed ones survive for a longer period. Wandering what could be the best to pair with printed shorts? Don’t worry, we’ll back you up. Go for a plain tee and style it with a scarf. Also, wear a denim jacket or blazer if you want. Plus choose your shoes wisely. You can pick them all the way from BARABAS. THE PRINCE will perfectly match with SOLEIL ATTRACTION. Here, we don’t find the middle ground with the quality, so don’t worry about the fabrics.

Best Shorts for Men
Check Chino Pants

You always want to look a little different from every man jack out there. Trousers are the one making all that difference. Cover your bottom half with a slightly bold outfit, it will cast a spell. It may work in two ways, covering both your formal and casual dress fluently. Most of the men out there don’t think twice when it comes to checking shirts or blazers, but as they say, switch to a new trend every time you come across one. A pair of check trousers will make you slay in every demeanor. Take a crack at red and navy pants. Gleaming pants focus on comfort more than anything and you should always feel comfortable wearing what you like. You can brace them with black shoes. All set, grab them from our store before anyone else does.

 Best Pants for Men

Casual Knitwear

What probably do you think when it comes to sweaters? A high school teacher or a guy wearing it on Christmas. Perhaps, this is not a thing anymore. People don’t just wear pullover sweaters in the winters instead they style it!  Let us take you to the details of styling a sweater so as to figure out the right look for you.

There are a dozen of way you can style a sweater- 

  • Sweater with a casual blazer
  • Sweater with a suit
  • Sweater with a denim jacket
  • Sweater with a shirt and jeans
  • Sweater with a leather jacket

It’s a great deal to purchase attires made from cotton, they have a natural texture. APOLLO will be a perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a long sleeved crew neck pullover, plus it’s the right layer to go over a shirt before you put on a blazer. Also, you can pair it with blue denim jeans, it will look super cool. 

 Best Sweaters For Men

Smart Jackets

Jackets are for winter. Again a pipe dream. Light jackets are the best for spring and summer. Moreover, they help you get ready for all upshots. What could be better than that? All you need to do is upgrade your jacket style. Wait, have you heard of Bomber jackets? The one featuring ribbed hem and cuffs along with a front zip closure and neckline. Today they are now found in every men’s wardrobe and are considered as one of the most adaptable ones. We at BARABAS offer you DRIP VELOUR BOMBER in different shades; blue, red and black. You can choose your go-to color and complete your look by pairing it with METEOR. They are meant to go with this jacket. Additionally, when paired with formal trousers and a simple crisp white shirt underneath will make you look smart, but only if you do it right. 

Best Jackets for Men



Trends may come and go but the suit is everlasting! The connection between men and suits is older than time. One must have a suit in their closet, the reasons are ceaseless. Let us talk one here; they corner the boy to man, this transition is more than beautiful. Now you might be thinking it’s the black suit doing the magic here but even iconic black and white works. You definitely would stake the money on a suit if going on a date with your special lady. True ah! To make it more dapper and trendsetting, you can wear a turtleneck sweater underneath a suit. Push buttons with accessories like bracelets or pocket squares if you wanna feel a little more chivalrous. Go SNAZZY and trendy in the black and white stripe suit.  Make sure it’s the right fit.

Best Suites for Men


This year upgrade your fashion game by finding out what you really like and what suits you best. You’ve always wanted everyone to have a high regard for your taste? Following these GOLD trends that we have curated for you will make you do so. Go get your fashionista friends jealous as our store is just waiting to get on your wardrobe. 2021 is a knock for six year for men’s fashion and it’s only going to change for the better, feel blessed!