All You Need To Know about Best Blazer Outfits for Men

Men’s classy blazers are the ultimate go-to for a smart look. Blazers historically began their journey as the navy double-breasted jackets of the British Royal Navy. A formal suit is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of blazer outfit ideas for men. A smartly tailored three-piece is unbeatable in its own clan but there’s so much more to blazer than the confines of formal wear. In our latest blog post, we take you through some basic blazer outfit rules, their diverse types and versatile combinations for casual wear.

Major fabric blazers types that every man should own

Cotton Blazer

Cotton blazers are our favorite type if you are looking for casual blazers to wear during summer. The lightweight fabric not only looks effortless on your body but also feels most comfortable and relaxed in the heat. Cotton blazers come in a number of color variants but beige, white, navy, charcoal and grey are on the top of that list. It would look amazing with a number of your summer essentials including denim jeans, chino pants, shorts and t-shirts.

Linen Blazers

Lightweight linen blazers can serve as another alternative for cotton blazers in the summers to diversify your wardrobe. Linen blazers easily get crushed and are usually worn in unstructured blazer styles for casual or semi-formal looks and go well with most of your summer clothes and footwear including shirts, informal pants, sandals and loafers too. 

Wool Blazer

Putting on a blazer renders a warm layered look but most fabrics won’t do much to save you from the winter chills. Thus, you must keep a woollen blazer in your wardrobe arsenal to stay ahead of the colds. Dark shade blazers also help walk a middle path for those in-between season times. To have a higher return on investment we strongly recommend versatile shades of gray or navy blue woolen blazers.


Tweed is a heavyweight fabric best suited for the cold winters. Necessary layering in the snow can often throw our style straight out of the idea especially for fashion amateurs. In that case, the heavyweight tweed blazers offer you a great option to stay stylishly warm for a smart casual look during winters. 

Best Blazer Outfit Ideas For Men

Smart casual with T-shirt and Jeans

The easiest way to dress down blazers for a casual look is to pair them with jeans. From dinner dates to parties; unstructured blazers with t-shirts and a pair of jeans is a great combination to get a sophisticated look at an informal or casual event. But, one thing that you ought to be careful about is the color combination. Whatever is your style type, check out Barabas’ cool blazer collection for a wide range of blazer choice from formal & classy to patterned and funky.  Depending on your outfit vibe, your footwear can include loafers for sophistication and sneakers for street look. 

Blazer for Men

Blazer and Shorts for Fun Outdoors

Who said you can’t have fun in a coat and pants? Maybe that’s true but you can definitely have fun by pulling over your cool blazers on shorts. Especially if it's a beach date or a fun summer time outdoors, you should definitely have some fun with this cool summer combination. The simplest match would be a plain blazer, a matching pair of chino shorts and a contrasting t-shirt. Get your hair ready, put on those cool pairs of sunglasses and sneakers and you are all set for a fun day. (Not to forget, if you are still holding on to skype and zoom from home office, we believe you already had the taste of blazers over shorts).

Classy Look with Blazer and Chino Pants

If you are going for an important event and planning for a refined, semi-formal look; this is the best blazer outfit combination for you. You can either go for a buttoned down shirt and leather loafers to keep it classy and formal or t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look. It is also a great combination to experiment with more colors and can even be played safe with many of the available neutral colors like black, white or beige. You can also reverse the popular summer color of black jeans and white t-shirts and go for black blazer over white chino pants instead for a more fun look. You should definitely try the Barabas Social Series White Blazers for a classy, refreshing vibe.  

men's white shinny diamond blazer

Blazer & Pants with a Bow

Blazer, the usual pants and loafers; just give it a small bow twist. Skip the usual neck tie for a bow and you are ready with yet another blazer outfit for the day. If you are trying to get your blazer collection up to date, what could be a better chance than adding this versatile option that in itself offers you two choices, with or without a bow. Buy designer blazers with matching bow ties online from Barabas and rock the party with this bold and confident fashion choice for the night.

Designer Blazer for Men

Winter Blazer Outfit with Roll Neck 

You can replace your shirt/t-shirt with a nice roll-neck sweater to create a smart blazer outfit for the winter season. You can opt out for either tweed/woolen blazers on colder days. However, depending on the occasion opt out for knitting designs accordingly. We usually recommend a plain sweater so that you can have a polished look. You can opt out a roll-neck in lighter shades and style it with darker tones like navy, grey or charcoal for jeans/trousers. 

Stylish Blazers for Party Suits

“A happening party is on the calendar and you are just worrying about getting the right blazer outfit.” If that sounds like you, don’t worry. Barabas has you covered like always.  Barabas offers you an exclusive collection of most stylish blazers suits for men. It offers you a plethora of choices from refined The Boss collection to experimental Split Personality series to floral Three Pointer edition and much more. 

Basic rules for buying the right blazer

  • Formal suits and blazers don’t have to be synonymous
  • Avoid fanciful accessories for office
  • Open up to more colors for casual blazers
  • Choose season-friendly fabric for comfortable wear
  • Get it tailored to best suit your body type and proportions
  • Focus on your shoulder fit
  • Keep it loose enough for scope of an extra clothing layer
  • Don’t buy oversized or too lengthy blazers
  • The blazer hem should end at around your thumb knuckle
  • Unstructured blazers should be the usual standard for casual wear


A blazer is a popular staple for formal wear but like a skilled tool smith, stylish men know how to keep things flexible and make the most out of their wardrobe. Blazers don’t just have to be formal but can easily go from being classy, sophisticated, stylish and polished to cool, daring, fun and funky too if you can style them well for the apt occasions. A simple thumb rule is to dress it down for a relaxed, casual vibe; elevate the style for professional formals and feel free to go crazy for a fun and stylish party look. 

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