How do you choose the best men's belt?

Only a few men actually take their belt seriously, most feel that belts aren't that important. They think that there are more places to put attention on, like their dress, suit, and shoes. But their belt; it's almost not on their agenda.

Do you feel you could just get any size or color of the belt and work it your own way? Or sometimes do you find trouble finding your own kind of belt? Or your belt keeps breaking due to the holes you've punched through using your kitchen knife?

There are many concerns about belts, but a normal average male who wakes up in the morning, rushing off to work, is more concerned about his breakfast than his belt. After all, it's almost covered, so the color, quality, and size are of very little concern. But it is important to know that belts are for more than holding your pants; they are accessories just like your tie and wristwatch. They should complement well with your dressing, looks, and fashion.


How do you choose the best men's belt?


This is when we take absolute concentration to our belt so we could still look smart and fashionable. There are a few things to consider when choosing your belt. They are:


Now, this is very and absolutely important. You need to know the right size of your waist, so you don't have to buy a belt and start punching holes with your kitchen knife.

Know your size, how? Get your pant size first, adding 2-3 inches, and you'll get your belt size. So if your pant size is 35, you would be getting a belt of preferably 37. Your belt should size you in a way that after it is hooked, what is left should be able to tuck into your belt loop in your pants perfectly.

Your size would make you look smarter and professional. The belt doesn't have to go round the second time around your pants; we aren't tying a rope, remember? Getting the right sizes of the belt helps a lot. It increases your confidence and makes you move around freely without being scared of a long left out belt missing its loop.


How do you choose the best men's belt?


Texture and quality

This is one of the crucial points and decisions in your choice of a belt. Not all look-alike leather is leather. There is leather, and there is quality leather.

Before you buy your belt, feel them; how do they look? How do they feel? Do they feel heavy? Strong? Brittle? Real leathers might not be easily recognized, but you sure know one when you see one. Try dropping just a bit of water on it; real leather absorbs a little water while non-leather does not. Genuine leathers don't break; they are always very strong. Be sure you buy a quality leather belt, so you don't end up purchasing a belt of some leather color.

There are also different types of leathers, varying in quality. Full-grain and top-grain are the most quality leather in vogue. Full-grain is always stiffer and lasts longer because they are made from cowhides with different colors and nice beautiful buckles. And they would last longer and would not easily tear or frail when used very well.


How do you choose the best men's belt?



The color of your belt must and should match the color of your shoes. This factor is essential because it helps in accentuating the color of your dress. There are different colors of a belt you would want to buy because they would match your shoes.

Get some quality belt that you wouldn't have to try so hard before getting them to match your shoes. Especially when you're on official wear, try as much as possible to match your shoes with your belt, or something close to it, like your brown belt with your light brown shoes or burgundy shoes.

On a casual outfit, you might be wearing a yellow boot or white sneakers. It would not be appropriate to put on a white or green belt, so it is advisable to match your black belt with a lighter color of shoes and your brown belt with bolder colors to fit. And I think you would be good to go!


How do you choose the best men's belt?


Style of belt

Now there are varieties of belts you would love; just go with your style and stick to what you're comfortable in. Styles like:

  • Frame styles are commonly official belts used. They come with large flat buckles; buckles might be golden, silver, or any other color.
  • Plate styles of the belt are mostly casual kind of belt. Usually, their plates are detachable, and they are always decorated. The hook goes to the front of the strap.
  • We also have the box frame buckle style. It is hollow and open-ended, with no need for holes and straps in. It is also casually used.
  • The ring buckle style fastens the belt with a ring as the buckle. The belt passes through the ring to fasten it, and it is casually used mostly.

It is imperative to know the style that fits you the most, considering your wardrobe.


How do you choose the best men's belt?


Proper Care Of Your Belt

It is good to know the right and best quality of the belt; good leather that would always last long; the right size that fits you; different colors in different shapes and styles to accentuate your dressing; both official and casual. Considering your buckles, either silver, gold, or bronze, should match your other accessories like your wristwatch. After you've considered a couple of things in choosing your belt, you need to know how to take care of it properly. It is important to really take good care of them. 

  • Avoid boring holes with your kitchen knife on your belt. This is more reason why you should get your perfect fitting size.
  • Do not crumple them up in a place. When not in use, try hanging them in your wardrobe.
  • It would be best if you remembered your belt should not be used for disciplinary measures. It causes frailness and reduces the life span of the belt.

It's time to discard those worn out tired belts and get new ones - original leather that lasts longer. Build styles that fit into your wardrobe, and the next time your friends see you, trust me, you would always be complimented.