Sweaters And Sweatshirts; The Right Way To Stay Warm And Fashionable

I keep telling people, there is truly a right way to stay really cool and fashionable with the most simple dress combinations. You don’t have to look funny by trying all of those weird dress combinations. Even in this season, you can flaunt the really cool part of you in a sweater or sweatshirts, with these simple tips.

Sweaters and sweatshirts are clothing made out of the desire to stay warm in a cold season. Sweaters also called jumpers in British English are a piece of clothing, typically with long sleeves made of knitted or crocheted materials that cover the upper part of the body.

Sweaters were first used by fishermen and sailors whose wives thought of making something to protect them from the cold while Sweatshirts, on the other hand, are collarless long-sleeved pullovers made of thick fleecy cotton.

Sweaters And Sweatshirts; The Right Way To Stay Warm And Fashionable

Sweaters and sweatshirts are here to stay!

Apart from the purpose of helping to keep warm during winter, sweaters and sweatshirts have found their way down to the hall of fame of fashionable trends.

Having accepted the fact that sweaters and sweatshirts are both functional and fashionable, let's take a look at how best you can stylishly rock your sweaters and sweatshirts as men.

You can wear your sweatshirts with suits, casual blazers, denim or leather jackets and with your tee shirts or even alone with your jean but it isn't enough to just pick any piece with your sweater; there are tips on how to stylishly put all these together to have a fantastic and fashionable look.

If you follow these tips wholeheartedly, I bet you would look like celebrities that appear on the cover page of a famous fashion magazine for men.

Sweaters And Sweatshirts; The Right Way To Stay Warm And Fashionable



Not all sweaters are low neck; some are high neck while some are V-neck. The style of the sweater is important because it can break or make the entire outfit look.

You should not be seen wearing a suit and tie with a sweater that is high-neck (turtle neck) to a business meeting, you'll look weird and funny.

Your style speaks a lot about your personality - you don't want to ruin it by being negligent. A good understanding body the types and varieties of sweaters and sweatshirts will go a long way in helping you have a proper styling.

Also, note that there are different styles for different seasons and occasions. There is also a rule about not wearing mismatched cuts. A tailored sweater should go with a tailored outfit.

Sweaters And Sweatshirts; The Right Way To Stay Warm And Fashionable


Color is another aspect to consider when choosing to wear a sweater or sweatshirt with other outfits.

Most times, when combining with other pieces, the color of the sweater largely depends on the color of the suit for instance. You can also choose the colors that match your skin tone.

Generally, you should wear not too bright colors such as grey and navy blue for business or formal gatherings and bright colors for casual settings.

Sweaters And Sweatshirts; The Right Way To Stay Warm And Fashionable




When going for a sweater or sweatshirt, you have to choose based on your body shape and structure.

If you're slim and average of height, you don't have to choose or wear a big sweater that will make you look like a peanut in a sack bag.

The weight of the sweater should not throw you off balance. A sweater or sweatshirt with a perfect fit will give you that stunning and breathtaking look.



When choosing a sweater or sweatshirt, focus on quality. When you wear a sweater or sweatshirt that is of good quality, you will be confident in yourself.

Quality materials serve as your mouthpiece in public. A quality sweater portrays and promotes your personality.

You also have to check the stuff the material is made of. Some are made of wool and some are made of cotton. You should identify what stuff your sweaters and sweatshirts are made of so you can properly match your dresses - extra caution has to put in place.



This has to do with how many clothes are worn per time and in what order.

This should be considered when wearing your sweaters or sweatshirts with other pieces in other to avoid a wardrobe conflict.

In layering, you have to take note of the fact that you do not need too many colors; a maximum of two colors is best for the desired look.

Focus also on the texture of the pieces. This will help you lay them properly. A rule in layering states that the thinner clothes should be inside and the thick ones on them. You can also try some really cool glasses to go with your sweaters;



Glasses are no doubt fashion accessories that speak volumes. Even the recommended or correctional glasses are not left out. Glasses are now made stylishly to suit different face shapes and skin colors compared to ancient times.

When choosing glasses, be mindful of the pairs that best suit your face structure; if you have a round face, for instance, you should go for a square-shaped glasses. The size of the glasses is equally important. It is okay to wear big glasses but note that some certain occasions and outfits determine the size of your glasses. To be on a safer side, you should go for the normal regular ones.

It is inappropriate to wear sunglasses at nights except if otherwise stated by your doctor. It isn't also fashionable to wear sunglasses indoors.

The colors of your glasses should be considered too because, for formal settings, brightly colored glasses are not ideal.

Looking good is a good business. Being conscious about what you wear and particular about how you wear it has nothing to do with being "ladylike." Whatever accessories you choose, you owe yourself the responsibility of ensuring that they fit well with your personality and don't negate the societal rules of fashion accessorizing.

Sweaters And Sweatshirts; The Right Way To Stay Warm And Fashionable


Staying warm and fashionable all begins for the choice of clothing items you get for your sweaters and sweatshirts; although the texture and color plays other important roles. So when next you decide to add a sweater and sweatshirt to your wardrobe collection pay attention to those details and let them guide your choice and decisions.