How To Wear Your Accessories; Simple Important Rules for Men

The saying you are addressed the way you are dressed has over time set a standard for a person's outlook. With the evolvement of men's fashion, so much attention is paid on every tiny bit of detail which ranges from the style to the colors combined, the accessories and what have you.

Accessories are fashion items that contribute secondarily to a wearer's outfit; they add to the charisma, confidence and ambience of the wearer but not all fashion item specifically complements a wearer's look!

Men's accessories may seem easy; the truth is, some men are native about the rules that guide the choice of accessories- an accessory not properly worn, will send the wrong signal!

Below are a few tips to choosing the right accessories. Trust me, following these rules, will award you a high accessorizing mark.

How To Wear Your Accessories; Simple Important Rules for Men



Every man loves wearing wristwatches but not every man knows how to choose the right wristwatch for the right occasion.

Wristwatches should be classy and simple; in as much as it's your choice to decide on what wrist watch better suits your personality, avoid wearing wristwatches that are showy and inappropriate.

Be mindful of the size; don't wear a watch that doesn't fit- it should not be seen hanging loose on your wrist.

Also, it is important to choose wrist watches that match your skin tone- this makes it more complementary and attractive. Remember that wristwatches should be placed properly on the wrist that is, at the tip of the ulna (the bone on your wrist).



Belts are another common fashion accessory for men because they are essential in promoting appealing masculinity.

When choosing to wear a belt, be sure you're not wearing a suit belt on a jean or a jean belt on a suit. To avoid this, every man should at least have a dress belt and a casual belt. A lot of men make this mistake probably because they can't tell the difference or they don't know it's against the rules of accessorizing.

For men, the most formal colors of belts are black and brown; although you can wear some other colors such as navy blue and grey it depends on the occasion. Always have it in mind that the color of your shoes must match that of your belt when wearing a formal dress.

Do not wear belts with big buckles on suits or formal dresses. I'll advise you stick to the silver square framed buckle with single prong.

How To Wear Your Accessories; Simple Important Rules for Men



Over the years, ties have tied the knot with men's fashion and they have been great contributors. Ties have a unique way of adding an aura of style and class to a man's outlook but this can only be achieved when they are worn appropriately.


How to wear a tie

Firstly, the length and width of the tie should be chosen deliberately. Your belt should serve as a guideline to checking the length of your tie- it should fall slightly above it. As regarding the width, don't wear or choose a tie that is too big making it the only thing people see when you step out. Choosing the appropriate tie size depends on your body size.

Try as much as possible to ensure your tie is properly knot; this is a way of saying "hey! I'm in for the game."



Cufflinks are little fashion items that serve as shirt fasteners. They come in different styles and shapes. Cufflinks are worn by men alongside formal or semi-formal dresses.

There isn't much to say about cufflinks but you must know that cufflinks are attached to the cuffs of shirt sleeves; long sleeves to be precise. Choose the style, color, et cetera that best suits your outfit.

How To Wear Your Accessories; Simple Important Rules for Men


Pocket Squares

Take it or not, pocket squares are a part of men's fashion accessories and attention should be paid to them because a pocket square not properly worn can ruin a person’s outlook.

When choosing pocket squares the following rules will guide you. Squares that aren't made of light materials should be about 30cm in size when folded while squares made of light materials such as wool should be about 40-45cm in size when folded.

Pocket squares should be worn to formal gatherings such as dinner. No rule says the color of your pocket square must match that of your tie just make sure that whatever color you choose does not in any way alter the entire look.



Gay or not, it is very much okay for men to wear necklaces but the rule says to keep them as simple as possible because they are meant to complement and not overshadow the entire look.

Also, it isn't manly to wear too many necklaces or necklaces of so many colors like the fashion necklaces that women wear; it is seen as showy and inappropriate. Whatever length you choose depends on your outfit. For instance, it will be wrong for you to wear a necklace that reaches the chest when wearing a suit and a tie. In a situation like this, wearing a short silver necklace that is properly fit just right inside the collar is dope and classy.



Bracelets are worn on the wrists as decorative ornaments. When choosing a bracelet, the first thing to look out for is the size which should be in concordance with the size of your wrist and hand. Bracelets should fit around your wrist and not hang loose. Also, you have to choose a bracelet that suits your personality and complement your outfit- you shouldn't be seen wearing a loud and chunky bracelet on a suit- it's awkward!

When it comes to wearing bracelets with wristwatches, you can decide to wear your wristwatch on your most dominant hand and your bracelet on the other hand but if you choose to wear both on the same hand, ensure that the coolers and materials match; the layering should be deliberate if you're wearing more than one bracelet and go for bracelets that won't damage or leave a mark on your wristwatch.

For a formal look, your wristwatch on one hand and one or two bracelets at most, on the other hand, is just perfect. You can also go for bracelets that match your skin tone; this will give you a charming look.



Hats have found their way into the hearts of men and have become a stylish accessory for men. There are different types and each type is worn purposely for specific functions, seasons and occasions. Whatever reason a hat is worn for, it should give a stylish look.

The most important ethical rule for wearing a hat is hats should be worn outdoors (in public places) but taken off indoors (in private places) as a sign of respect. If your hat has any ornament, the rule for men says it should be tilted towards the left-hand side.



Fashionable men love caps ranging from flat caps to newsboy caps and baseball caps. The same indoor-outdoor rule for hats applies to baseball caps. You are free to wear your cap when outdoor but when indoor, the rule says you should take it off.

Please note that by indoor, I mean places that are more private such as restaurants, churches, schools, et cetera.

Your choice of hats and caps is dependent largely on your outfit. It should complement and not alter your presentation.

You should also take cognizance of the type of material used (you should go for standard materials) and the color (the color shouldn't be off compared to your total outfit).



Wallets should be as appealing in presentation as possible. Your wallet should not be stacked full of currency notes, and any other unnecessary item.

Your wallet should be kept plain and simple.

So when going for wallets, you should go for the moderately thin or slim ones.



It is not new to see men carrying bags since bags found their way through men fashion trends. Sometimes, one wonders what exactly they put in these bags. The truth is, men have stuff they carry too like women.

Nevertheless, not all bag types are suitable for all occasions. For instance, on a date, you don't need a bag; your wallet is just perfect but an office hand bag is more than perfect for work!

So, wearing the right bag with the right outfit for the right occasion is a great deal! Color is also important when choosing bags. Make sure your choice of color does not in any way cause a misinterpretation of your general look.

Experts say you should go for good leathers; you may want to always keep this in mind. Bags made from good leathers give a classy and stylish look.



Except for some cultures or traditions, wearing rings (aside from wedding rings or bands) is not a bad idea for men. Rings can be worn on any hand as long as you're comfortable; there is no perfect rule for what hand is best for a ring to be worn since it's not everyone that is right-handed.

Speaking about style, some men are comfortable wearing more than one ring as long as they aren't weighty.

A good understanding of what finger to wear your ring is expected of you though it isn't a big deal. You can wear your statement rings on your thumb or pinkie finger and your wedding bands on your ring finger on your left hand (though this varies with culture and tradition).


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